Life's Simple Pleasures

By Christina Kim - June 30, 2015

Sometimes you don't need to rush, all the time.
Life is really short to just let each day just pass by, though we do get caught up with work (most of the time).
It is funny how often we get caught up with things that take up most of our time, thinking that it is important, and essential for our survival and living yet barely taking the time to breathe.
Sometimes we even end up forgetting about those who really care about us.
It is not algebra, but yet we forget the little things that matter.
All the time.

I am guilty of this too; often getting myself entangled in that web of crazy rush throughout the day (and even through the week) and stuck with non-responsive interactions (i.e web, emails, etc), and then realizing that the time has just whizzed past me.
Well, what did I expect anyway, for time to freeze while I get myself embroiled in all my worldly matters?
It happens. All the time.

Everyone tells us to take breaks.

"Go for a vacation"

"Give yourself a break"

The usual responses?
"I can't"

"I've got this big project(s) coming up, and I am in charge. I can't just leave"

"There would be so much to do when I get back! It's better that I don't. Weekends are my breaks"

The list goes on.

Sometimes we do need to take breaks.
That is the reason companies give us annual leaves.
That is why authorities set aside Labor Day annually (not saying that you should just wait for this one-day public holiday)

We are human beings.
We need to take breaks, to unwind and just leave the crazy daily stuffs behind us and just relax.
To breathe.
To remember that there is a world out there besides work and that laptop and inbox.

I have gone on breaks too, and am learning to appreciate taking short breaks for what it does to restore and maintain my sanity.
Yes, it works or I would have gone cuckoo.
I am sane right now, in case you are wondering.

Breaks do not need to be all about taking a flight or a road trip to somewhere.

Sometimes, just catching up with friends or colleagues could be a form of break too.
Taking that time to just enjoy a simple meal and engage in a lively or comfortable banter with someone could just make a small difference.

I am not one who dines with everyone, to be frank for I am far too picky, and often am the subject of vindictive judgment just because of my picky (not to mention fussy) habits.
I mean, not everyone does that to me, but sometimes there are just those who just enjoy passing off remarks and making me feel extremely uncomfortable, whether they are aware or not.
I don't take it personally on them; nor do I blame them, just that I am always selective with the company I enjoy my meals with and it takes time for me to grow in comfort with that person.

Well, my job nature sometimes don't allow such luxury, to go out for lunch in large groups or just enjoy that long lunch breaks.
I am not sure if that is fortunate or unfortunate.

When I do get the chance, I would love to hang out with my friends and colleagues, who would probably set something up.
(Yeah, like an appointment, gosh, I feel important :-P )

Brunch, lunch, tea break, whichever it is.
It is a luxury sometimes.
To me, that is.

Enjoying a tea break in between.


Enjoying a lovely cup of tea is my favorite idea of relaxation.

Lemon Mint Tea (MYR8.90)


Or something crazy like a smoothie.
Don't make me choose; I just can't decide.

This is a tempting concoction of mixed berries.


I would have loved this had the name kept me from giggling and laughing all over it.
I just couldn't stop laughing, so I refrained from ordering this or I would risk choking over this drink though it was just visually irresistible.

Wondering what the name could be that could make me go ga ga over it, non-stop?

Well, it's called "Everything But the Kitchen Sink" (MYR14.90)

I had no idea how they came up with this name, but yeah, now that the name came up, it set me off.

When ladies are together and it's a breakfast kind-of-break, salads just come to mind.

Classic Caesar's Salad topped with a beautifully made sunny side up and wobbly egg yolk waiting to ooze all over the plate is just one of the favorite choice.


It would be even better if they had some smoked/grilled salmon.
Just my personal preference though.

Anyway, that is what the Grilled salmon salad is for, though the grilled salmon took my a little by surprise when I noticed that they came in tiny bite-sized chunks.
I think I enjoyed my other favorite versions better.
Note the word favorite.



Anyway, food probably took a second place that day as it was more of a engaging conversation set up for us ladies to catch up away from work.

It was good to just chit chat over light and simple food like this.


Life's simple pleasures are always the best, aren't they?

Food and drinks in this post are taken at:-

 D'Italiane Restaurant, Jaya 33

**Not a sponsored post, and all the opinions are solely based on author's personal experiences and are not based on general views.

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  1. Congrats to your new virtual home, nice to visit you there.
    Love the tea break pic, such a great idea.

    1. Awww Daniela, you're the best!
      *MELTS on your comment and thanks for 'relocating' along with me too! ;-)