Blood is Always Thicker than Water: A Father's Day to Remember

By Christina Kim - June 23, 2015

The world celebrates Father's Day on Sunday, the 21st of June, and it is hard to even let the event slip past one's mind especially with the prominent influence of social media seeping into our lives every waking second.
Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and all social media feeds were just flooded with photos of friends having a good time with their families; especially their fathers, of course, all solely highlighted in conjunction with the theme of the celebration and one will definitely be reminded that the event is on Sunday with all these feeds filling the entire screen of your computers, handhelds and of course cell phones.

Back in my own family, we never really celebrate the day on a major scale, simply because my dad always felt that these are all tactics of the commercial field and that Father's Day is not to be observed on only one day but rather, it should always be in the heart and every day is practically Father's Day if we were to pay attention enough to our aging parents (not only one parent).

While there is certainly truth in his words, I do justify to my dad that commercialization may be but only one of the sales and marketing technique (well, how do people really keep the business running anyway? You have to give it to them for the ingenious idea which kept so many businesses happy on an annual basis), there is also that thought to honor the ones we celebrate on that dedicated day; be it Father's Day, Mother's Day, Parents' Day, Teacher's Day and the list goes on.
It is also a reminder to those who have been too busy with their lives to spare that one day, for that person who raised them up.
Laugh as you want, there are many who have overlooked the fact and always took it for granted that their parents will always be there.
It is just like festive seasons; it is just to create that one reason for family gatherings and for those based out of their hometowns (or countries) to reunite and just spend time with the family.
Of course, the commercial brands would make a big fuss out of it, but oh well, let's just give them that opportunity to do something and earn a modest income (not outrageously, that's a separate matter altogether).

This year, Father's Day was truly different, and definitely made more than an impression to my brother and me; especially myself, on a personal level.

While the world celebrates with outings and grand meals or cards/posters for their beloved fathers, we did not have much of that, but Father's Day was not going away without an impression.
Both of us were out of town though we did plan for a later celebration and my brother got back home earlier on Sunday, while I was home with my father-in-law who was also home alone as almost everyone was traveling due to work.
(Even my in-laws are not huge on celebrations like these and prefer quiet family gatherings on normal days).

"Dad fell in the bathroom"

That was all the text message from my brother came late afternoon.
I stared at the message in shock, and texted back immediately, "What happened?"

I mean, how can you send me a message with a statement like that and no explanation.
I was frantic, and called him immediately.
He picked up and told me that he would call me back, as they were in the clinic and that dad needed stitches.

Worse, that did not make me feel any better.
I reluctantly ended the call, and sat there, just stunned.
I did not know what I could do, except wait.
Should I rush home immediately? How bad was the fall?
Clouds of questions just swam across my mind, and they were not in a coherent sequence, mind you.
Everything was just in such a disheveled mess; and I am referring to the state of my mind.

Without myself realizing, tears streamed down and I could feel my eyes burning.
Light drops of tears soon turned into a continuous flow down my cheeks and I kept swiping them away.
This is not happening.
I was worried sick, and prayed that my dad was okay.

He is not young anymore, and it is as though it is the first day I realized this.
Of course I am aware of his age, but this made me more aware as I pictured my dad's face and his entire image and how he has since aged from the days when I was in school.
I am not an imbecile, I do know that he has definitely aged but just that time has truly whizzed past us and my dad seems to have aged so much.

Memories of my dad and the times we shared just rushed back to my mind.
From the times he brought me to the bookstore and how he would always rush me to the clinic even in the middle of the night whenever I had a fever, everything just came back like a huge chunk of data just plopped itself right in front of me.
My dad always emphasized on our health and our well-being, and he always ensured that he set aside time with us despite being at work all the time.

Growing up, I was blessed to have a stay-at-home mum who was always there when I left for school and when I got back. Mum prepared meals before I went to school, made sure I was all prim and proper to go to school and she took care of all the household chores while I just need to make sure I study hard.
Dad was always at work, as I remember, because he was the sole breadwinner though he comes home in the evening and spends his time with us on weekends.
My dad worked hard and he was rarely home sick, but he made sure that he got on time after work to have dinner with the family.
It was like a family mantra that was emphasized by my dad to always have dinner together, all the time and as he puts it, "A Family that eats together, stays together".
It was something my late grandma used to say to him as a child, and he made sure we understood and practised it too until this very day.

My dad never believed in having our meals separately, unless there is an emergency or risk of death due to starvation.
He will make sure everyone is present at the table before we start our meals.
We always talk and shared the stories of our day during our meals, and it was how we built that bond among the members in the family.
Granted, there are only 4 of us in the family; it definitely made sense to be that close.

My Dad was always the figure of protection and trust and he had taught me many things.
He never said no to any of my requests before, and I, having understood the fact from my mum that my dad is the sole breadwinner in the family and has to work hard to provide for all of us, never demanded materialism from  my dad.
The only thing I asked for is books, but that was also a reward promised by my dad whenever I do well in school. It became sort of an incentive, although as time goes by, dad told me that I could buy books anytime I wanted.
My dad has never refused any of my request, ever.
He has never denied me of any privilege in life, and I have never felt that I was inferior compared to other kids who had luxurious stuffs and branded goods (which was really a rage at a point back then, and still is, I can see).
I have always been taught to live humbly, and to be ourselves.
We should never compare with others and definitely not try to yearn for something that we could not afford.
"Live within your means" is what my dad would always say.

I studied hard, and my dad made me understand that it was not for him and mum, but rather, for myself.
I do not need to achieve the best grades, but if I could, I should always do my best.
If I had done my best, I should not despair anymore and just leave the rest to God.
My mum and dad had never pressured me, despite the impression that I portrayed as I frantically pushed myself to achieve all my grades.
I never went to tuition classes, or took multiple tuition for my subjects.
I studied on my own, and I only referred to my teachers for guidance.

My dad always tells me that he is proud to have me as his daughter and that no money in the world could buy that pride.
I had never worried them, and he was never disappointed in me, ever.
He always believed in me and he knew that I could always do something great in my life.

He was always my source of motivation.

I remembered all the times when my dad always told me to focus on my health, and that I should never compromise my health.
I remembered the time my dad woke up early to prepare breakfast for me before going to school, and even prayed along with me during my examination period.
I remembered my dad driving me to school early in the morning and picking me up after school, making sure that I was always safe and sound.
I remembered my dad telling me it was okay whenever I am disappointed with my grades.
I remembered my dad waiting for me during my scholarship examinations and even during my first interview.
I remembered my dad staying by my bedside when I was hospitalized for high fever back when I was 10.
I remembered my dad rushing frantically in the hospital when I was hospitalized for dengue fever and had no energy at all.
I remembered the tired look in his eyes while waiting for my recovery in the hospital.

My dad rarely fell sick, let alone fall.
There was this one time that I remembered, when dad parked his car by the bank while leaving all of us in the car as he headed for the ATM machine and then it started to drizzle.
We were staring at him from the window in the car as he headed back to the car as the drizzle turned into a pour.
He was running back and as he was reaching the car, he missed a step and almost lost his balance due to the slippery edges.
Thank God that he did not fall. It was such a close call; he almost slipped.
That was the closest I remembered of ever hearing or even witnessing my dad's fall.

This time, my dad fell, and in the bathroom.
At his age, one simply could not help but worry.
Stitches meant he cut his hand and as my brother detailed his injury, I was really heartbroken.

Dad had fell due to the slippery floor in the bathroom, and out of reflex, he used his left palm and the sharp edges of the tiles in the bathroom cut him deep in the wrist.
He thought it was a normal injury and put on a plaster over the wound after cleaning it.
He took an afternoon nap and then woke up to find that there's still bleeding from the wrist.
He took some gauze and cotton and attempted to bandage his own wound and when my brother got home, he just rushed him to the nearest clinic for immediate treatment and for good reason too.

Thankfully it was not anything serious, though we still worry about the impact of the fall as my dad and mum has somehow adopted that required trait of old folks to kept mum about their injuries, from their children.

I thank God that he is alright, though it really broke my heart to see the bandage on his wrist.

I have not had a lot of time with my parents and it was truly bad.

Maybe this is a reminder from God though it was a painful one for my dad, and even for us.

There are so many things in life we could be occupied with, and we can get easily carried away with the many different directions life bring us.
We can be chasing after the many things we want and aim for in life, thinking that it is for a better future tomorrow (something we can't even see at the moment)
We always run after the unseen and we think that is for the best.
We grow up and then we think that we can do anything in our lives.
Families will always be there, and that they will always understand

We follow the stream of flowing water thinking it will bring us to riches and all the dreams we hoped for, and we left behind that blood running in our veins.

Looking at my dad's wound, and imagining the blood that probably trickled down the wrist during the injury, it was as though a spear just pierced through our hearts.

We may have drifted apart in our busy time pursuing our careers and building our own lives as we moved away from homes, but the blood that flew in us are still connected in some way.
The pain felt by our loved ones do affect us in mysterious ways we just simply cannot explain.

Guess my dad is again right about this one, "Blood is ALWAYS thicker than water"
Nothing beats family, and we will never forget that.
They always say nothing beats a Mother's Love, but I say the same goes for a Father's Love which no boundaries are ever defined as to how much they could sacrifice for us.

For all that you have done for us, Dad, this is for you, and just know that we love you very much.
All that mattered to you was our happiness, and now we want the same for you as well, Daddy.

It is an unorthodox Father's Day in our family, as always, but this is truly more valuable than any expensive meal or gift could present.

The blood may drip from your wrist, but it bled in our hearts too.

Happy Father's Day to you Daddy, get well soon and we never forgot all that you have done for us!~

**This is truly one Father's Day we will never forget **


(One of my personal favorite photos with my dad, taken two years ago)
Always always the Daddy's Girl :-)

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