Hello 2015 and AngelstarChristy.com!~

By Christina Kim - February 04, 2015

It seems like the year just whizzes past us, every single well, year.
It is as though the time just fast forwards through the 12 months each year and I still remembered celebrating the New Year in 2014, like it was just yesterday.
Guess that explains how my blogging has finally reached the first decade milestone in just a breeze.

Yes, I can't believe it either that it has been Ten Years since I have started blogging, and being the quiet and low profile blogger and also my irregular updates (yeah, my bad), my blogging journey is still an interesting one and a rather insightful one I may say.

This website and the story are all shared in the About section, but I still think that this warrants a launching post as I announce the commencement of this new site.
It is still a pretty simple and elementary website on its own, but a reflection of my personal idea of presenting my site and contents to the world.
I just want a fuss free and easily maintained layout, as I want to focus more on the contents.
(I am no expert)

Anyway, 2015 started with a major virus for me which visited me since Christmas and refused to let me go until the New Year, in fact, still hanging around until now, leaving behind a little trail of cough and slight cold.
While I am on the path of recovery, I resumed work on the site and pulling out all the articles that I will be working on.

Updates will be slightly slower, as I want to focus more on quality rather than just quantity of the posts and also because work load is consuming most of my time. (and even free time!)
Work life balance is still a primary focus and I try to divide my time between my work and personal interests/life, which will be something I will be working on in one of my articles.

The launch of the website is also taking on several turns, as nothing seems perfect enough for me and I guess in a way, I was just putting it off most of the time because I just felt it wasn't ready enough to be launched.
End of the day, I think it was more of myself holding it back...and the barrier is just my own expectations.

So here's to a good year in 2015, with lesser sad news/tragedies around the world and its gap is filled with hopes in humanity and rising compassion among the world population.
Cheers to AngelstarChristy.com and may the site serves its original intention in publishing good articles to touch and inspire everyone :-)

Happy 2015 and Welcome to AngelstarChristy.com!
Let's make a difference....a little can truly go a long way :-)

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