Blessed Be

By Christina Kim - February 09, 2015

Blessings come in many forms and more often than not, perceived variably by each and every one of us.
Life itself is already a blessing in its own way, and there are so many things that we can be thankful for each and every day, and in each and every way; seen or unseen.
Perhaps it may sound like an idealistic statement and even far-fetched to those who are going through hardships in life, and may smirk at the above statement but generally it is all about the perception on what blessing really means.

Many a time we are often chasing after the things we want, things that are conjured in our mind and then we lust, dream and embark on that wild goose chase, lamenting our misfortune when we lose our grip and never attain it in any way, despite the amount of effort we have put in. The whole thing would turn into a series of blaming event; from hopefulness to competitiveness, to elevation of self-esteem and the need to succeed to the hit of harsh reality which could in turn trigger blame, accusation, hatred and denial. 
All these could be for a painted reality; something which was never meant to be or have and was partly an illusion but it ended up affecting more than a single person in the chain of events to follow and continue to plague the world.
It is just a neverending vicious cycle circling the world, and for generations.

The reason being, we are never content with what we have and often, we want the things we could never have and we want things that others have.
We never look at ourselves; at the things that are already in us and that we have been blessed with from the great Lord above.

It is a reality; and the reason for the many complaints and unhappiness in the world.
The pain of not being able to accept the reality and the evasion of self-realization leads to the accumulation of anger and pent up feelings of disappointment.
We often compare ourselves to others, using others as the benchmark for us to reach impossible heights.
It is not that we are incapable, but we have to understand that no one is designed to be the same.
God never wanted us to be the same, or else He would have made us all as a uniform batch from the very same mold. It would have saved Him a lot of trouble.
But No, that was never His plan to begin with.
It was never meant to be that way either.
God’s great design and intention is to make us each unique and great in our own ways; for He love us that much and that is the very least we can do to understand, accept and appreciate.

The thing about us mortals is we are never content.
In a different perspective, it can be positive if we are focused on self-improvement, personal development and growth to do better for the good of the world, but sadly, it is the contrary that makes up the majority of the world.
Contentment is an important key to achieve self-satisfaction and in that process of loving ourselves; appreciating the gifts that we have been granted by the Lord.
Taking the religious part away (for those who are free thinkers), we are all blessed in many ways and are born unique and that is the very gift we should allow to settle while working on more self-improvement as we go on the journey of life.

Be thankful for the gifts we have, for what we already have rather than comparing to others.
We ought to be thankful for ourselves, and not because we are better than others.
There are many times I have heard of the saying that we should be thankful because we are much better than the less fortunate ones.
It is a rather common saying, but for some reason, I don’t quite agree despite its popularity of this widespread saying to knock that self-realization and gratitude into our senses.

It is easier to say that we are thankful because we are ourselves, and we are blessed with what we ourselves have, rather than elevating ourselves above those who are less fortunate.
Also, on the same topic and just a moment of thought, think about this, Why do we have the need to see that they are less fortunate, in the first place?
Is it for the reason we see ourselves far more superior, because we have what they do not have?
Is it really such a great boost to our self-esteem, and comforting to our souls if we perceive ourselves better others?
They are unfortunate because we have what we have, and they do not have what we have?
We are fortunate because we have roofs over our heads, wheels to bring us everywhere and food to eat while they do not?
It somehow sounds wrong to me, and I apologize should this sound offensive but this is merely my personal opinion and I always believe that there is NO one far more superior than any other; regardless of social status, wealth, physical appearance and what is perceived as great fortune.

I would prefer that we pray for others, that no one has to suffer persecution, misery, hunger and that those who are, be comforted by the unseen blessings and the company of God and his battalion of angels around them.

We are fortunate because we are us, and that itself constitute enough reason to be thankful for.

Blessings come in many forms, and are not to be measured by the weight, dimension and importance/status and definitely not to be compared to the ones others have, because again, we are all different and our blessings are unique and tailored to suit us, and only us.
Simply, because, we are special being who we are.

Be thankful for what we already have, and you will find that life is so much more beautiful when you count your blessings.

We are blessed because we can wake up every morning touched by the golden rays of sunlight.
We are blessed because we can smile when we are happy and cry when we are sad, because we have the gift of emotions, passion and to be able to feel and express them.

We are blessed because we have love in our lives; to be able to love others and ourselves, to witness love and to be loved by others.
We can also choose to spread more love to others, to even strangers for you have no idea something as simple as a smile or act of kindness could go an extremely long way.
Some relationships may not last, but be happy that it happened and not mourn because it is gone.
Be blessed because we had that chance to meet that person and to be able to love/be loved and bless that person whom we have encountered so that they may find their own happiness too in their own ways.

We are blessed because each day is a gift, every one in our life is a present and is there to brighten/enlighten us in some way or another.
Never curse because we met mean people, but be thankful because they taught us to be careful and wiser to protect ourselves better and not be harmed.

We are blessed because of all the blessings we have; what we are born with, what we have earned and what have yet to be unveiled.
Life is a mystery; what has happened became history and has its own story and lessons to tell, what we have today continues to surprise us and what is yet to come, will be revealed like a box wrapped as a present.

It is all about the way we perceive, but never give up hope for blessings are not always seen and sometimes even things we have encountered which left a bitter taste could turn out to be blessing on its own.

May your blessings continue to comfort your soul and everyone around you.

Be blessed, and blessed be!

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