New Year : A Season of Hope and Change

By Christina Kim - February 28, 2015

The New Year is here; well, referring to both the turn of the Gregorian calendar and also of course, the ongoing celebrations of the Chinese Lunar New Year which coincide with only a month apart from each other.

Excitement is in the air; as everyone prepares and anticipates the coming of a new year.
To many (if not everyone), the New Year always is a fresh start and is where all good things begin.

It is a metaphor of hope, a reason and a season to look forward to, harboring wishes to start anew and set things in the right place while casting away the bitterness and misery from the past experiences.
All gloom and pessimism are things of the past; taking only that bit of lessons learnt along as part of one’s growth and development in their personal life journey.

As aspirations and wishful dreams fill the air in the longing of a magical year ahead, everyone vows to turn over a new leaf, make changes and aims to achieve their ambitions.
Resolutions roll in; and it is all about transformation and evolution in striving to be a better person towards a more promising life/future ahead.

It is all about improvement.
It is all about Reformation, and to become better.

Good changes are always promising, as long as they are made with intent and to stick around, rather than just being merely verbal vows or as part of that temporary frenzy of a passion to join in the trend of making resolutions.
Everyone wants to be in a better place than where they were yesterday, and everyone wants to be a better person.

It should take more than just making that wish, or hoping that one would improve.
It is more than just words; it is the Action that speaks louder than words, literally speaking.

As we vow to become better people in the New Year, do we really take it to action?
We tell ourselves that it is auspicious to only wish well and say positive words, but take it a level deeper, do we really mean what we say?
Do we stop complaining when things go wrong or a button drops from our brand new shirt on the very First Day of the brand New Year?

Do we give way to other cars, not honk and even smile at other drivers on the road?
Do we take a deep breath and relax when our car is blocked at the car park, or when there is a traffic jam due to an unexpected accident?

Do we really get rid of those habits, which are really plaguing our outlook and perspectives in the society when we welcome the New Year?

Let’s not talk about the world out there when we talk about making a change, or a difference.
Start with ourselves, as Michael Jackson would say, “Look at the man in the mirror”

We can only make a difference when we start with ourselves.

New Year is a time to instill that hope, and put that wish to improve to be a better person to actualization.

It is about taking that first step.

We do not follow taboos that unlucky or negative words should not be uttered, but when we wish well for others, make sure we mean it rather than just ‘following the protocol’.
Well wishes should go for everyone.
It should be a positive chain altogether; wish everyone happiness.

Stop complaining, stop cursing, and make that change from the very first day of the New Year and Make Sure it sticks throughout the year and life.
It is not only the New Year season that we should be nice to one another.

It is possible to make positive little baby steps, and make that run through everyone.

Let’s not just be nice to one another during the New Year season alone.
Make that every single day, and if you have trouble remembering, start looking at every day as though it is the New Year season and that we are celebrating and seeing New Hopes every single day throughout our lives.

Hopes are not castles in the air, they can be realized.
We just need to make it happen.

Let’s make the season of hope and all good things last throughout the year with only greater hopes to improve in the following year and so on.

May every day be the first Day of New Year, and may the season of hope lives on.

Together, we can definitely make a difference J

~ Have a Happy Happy New Year everyone! ~

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