The Year of 2014: AngelstarChristy's Milestones

By Christina Kim - January 01, 2015

The Year 2014, eventful as it was, was also one of the major turning point in the milestones leading to the revamping of AngelstarChristy.
In my last decade of blogging, I have been focusing on various topics of interests and maintained several blogs under the main umbrella of AngelstarChristy; my personal blogging/writing/online persona or pseudonym which I have been faithfully branded over the years.
That is not to change, and in fact, will emerge as the main and ultimate brand identity to my blogging world.

Taking on a more serious turn from blogging, I would prefer to invest in more of my personal writing; a passion that I have since my school days.
There are many things which were in works in the past year; which I have personally crafted and planned in store for the direction of my new AngelstarChristy site.

2014 has been an interesting year filled with fun-filled and eye-opening events, reviews, and meet ups with some of the old blogger friends I have known over the years.

From my travel tales to the food reviews and launches, I have learnt many valuable lessons and will continue to chart from where I left off.
Resolutions are often made, but this year is not about making resolutions over and over again about daily updates and making sure there are postings, but it is all about a new perspective where I hope to do more quality posts.

Writing has taken on a different turn for me since the past year, and I would love to keep the momentum going with more fresh ideas and perspectives, and with the vision I have, along with the guidance from the Hand and Love above, I will make it my personal goal to write to inspire.
Inspirations not only for myself, but to share with others and together to make that little difference in the world.
I believe that setting these little goals will help in the baby steps to the realization of making a change, for a start.

My food blog and travel blog; two of my dearest blogs are to be maintained individually, though there will be more streamlined materials merging into this main portal.

From me to you, I hope that AngelstarChristy will make its mark and presence in this coming year.
To love, and to spread love, To Inspire and to be inspired....


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