A Prayer for 2021

By Christina Kim - January 30, 2021

Dear God, 

    I have no other wish but the same wish I made for my birthday, that the year 2021 will go by without the pandemic and that there will be no more fear, anxiety, pain nor suffering and deaths around the world. Each and every day will go by without violence and doubt nor the grief of losing one's loved one without notice.

Please have mercy on us all, and heal us with your love and almighty presence.

Comfort those who are going through the pandemic in ways we cannot imagine and may your blessings be with the caregivers and the selfless who have dedicated and risk themselves for the rest of mankind in dire times like these.

I ask for nothing but to strengthen our faith and beliefs and most of all, grant us patience and understanding of these happenings as we await in hope for your comforting and healing presence.


As I am writing this, I cannot believe how fast the first month of the new year has just gone by and in a blink of an eye, we have reached the end of the month. 2021 has indeed sprung upon us hope for a moment yet that seems to be fading already when it has just arrived.

The outlook of the month seems to cast a rather bleak and gloomy picture of what is to come as the world is gripped with rapidly rising numbers of cases from the ever evolving pandemic which has now ballooned to an alarming speed. Every nation is thrown into immediate alert of the state of emergency as numbers continue to top the charts each day, or even every ticking second. The hope of recovery is seemingly crushed.

There is no word to describe this fear we are all feeling right now, and perhaps there are still those who do not seem to comprehend the urgency of the situation as they still place their self interests and importance above others in total disregard of the situation. Then there are those who are well informed and aware of the situation, condemning others yet committing the same act themselves, parading everywhere in the name of chores and daily needs, convenience or any "urgency" they can name.

It is a shame that the ones who land as casualties are the very ones who are fighting for us and risking themselves for our sake, doctors, nurses, volunteers alike along with the unsung heroes who ensure we get our daily supplies.

All that is asked of us laymen is just three words: STAY AT HOME

Is that so hard to do?

1. Get your groceries on a weekly basis or less if possible, not daily.

2. Order your necessities (or luxuries) online if you can, reduce going out.

3. Stop going to buy things all the time, with technology these days, you can definitely make good use of the invention called "REFRIGERATOR".

If we can all just obey the three words, I don't think even God needs to do that much of a work to heal the world.

It is an accumulative effort.

A prayer to God and also a prayer for all to just STAY AT HOME, for the sake of mankind.

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