My Birthday Wish

By Christina Kim - January 12, 2021


This year's birthday celebration is an unique one though not a bad one and I personally enjoyed my humble celebration of turning older by another year.
It was nothing extravagant, as always as I am never about grandeur nor elaborate celebrations, I am all for simple and quiet mode because it is a day that I just want to bask in relaxed bliss, just like everyone else (though the definition of 'relaxed bliss' may differ from one to another).

Honestly I had zero expectations of my birthday this year, well, as always, but this year, I was not even thinking that there would be anything at all and that I will probably have a quiet and uneventful one. Well, as it turned out, it was anything but.
I was surprised by the streams of wishes I got from the midnight, which I usually try to wait up to welcome the arrival of my day but age is catching up and I was tired from a long day and just let my sleep take over. I woke up to heartwarming messages which were all filled with love  from well wishers which just made the day even more wonderful (you have no idea how touched and happy I was with these messages).

I did not have any form of party, but the flow of messages made me felt like I was having one already!

I have also not had a cake for some time, but since I learnt to bake last year, I had baked myself birthday cupcakes (it was muffin last year) as I am only used to my own food given my picky nature and I am pleased to say that this year's baking was definitely better than last year's (Hooray!)

I also had a store bought treat, with a nice slice of raw vegan cake from a natural and organic foodstore which I had been wanting to try for a while.

Anyway, that was the gist of the events and as always and as every birthday celebrant would do, I definitely seized that yearly chance of making my wish on my day (after all, they do say that wishes made on your birthday are more likely to come true? *winks*)

My birthday wish is just simple, I have never wished for a lot anyway and all I want this year is just like most of my wishes and prayers, is for the overall well being of every one in the world. 
A world filled with happiness and wellness, no anger, violence nor war being waged against each other but everyone living in bliss.

It is not about me being a saint, I do have my own needs and wants too but I find this always being the bigger part of my wish and even in all of my prayers.
It is simple really, but it takes a lot to achieve because I cannot do it alone.
It sounds like an ideal world but really, I am not saintly to wish for that all the time because for each and everyone of us to be happy, we do need to live in a world filled with the same happiness to go around. Would there be happiness if there is suffering, pain and misery going around? Or if there is anger and there are always unpredictable chances of the start of a war somewhere or even right where we are?
I do not even need to imagine what it would be like because we are living in a time like this where we still fear wars anytime or man made catastrophes intended to inflict harm onto other beings like ourselves purely out of anger and unleashing frustration despite having achieved much advancement in our lives.
Then people are getting sick, tormented and helpless as they lay on hospital beds, somewhere unknown unattended and fighting for their dear lives for various reasons including epidemic and the recent pandemic outbreak are all just too much to take in.
This is not a world anyone would want to live in, and certainly not me.

When I make my birthday wish, I am not being completely selfless, I think it is still for my own good too for I cannot live on my own without others. We are all interdependent on each other whether we like it or acknowledge the fact. When there is sickness, violence and wars everywhere in the world, it also affects each and every one of us because we do not know when and where it could just land, who knows right where we are right when we least expect it. I want everyone to be well and blissful because then this same energy will go around and then we will all be treating each other the same way and the world would not be so depressing to live in.

It is a simple wish really, but one that not only needs joint effort but the individual step by each and every one of us. We need to be kind to others, be patient, be helpful, be friendly and be at peace with everyone because this will then pass on, like the flame of a candle as you light from one to another. 
That is all I want and that is what I am going to do, and I am asking you to do the same.

Be the person you want to meet in this world and be the change you want to see and experience in this world.

Now, will you help to fulfil my birthday wish?

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  1. I hope it will be more beautiful than the Water that came to my tongue