Last Night I Dreamt of a World without Masks

By Christina Kim - May 19, 2021

 Last night, just last night I dreamt of a world without masks

I saw myself walking into a world, where everyone was without a mask

Unmasked faces staring back at me from the carriage of a train

My mind went blank and I felt myself instinctively reaching into my bag

Panic nervous and just anxious

As I fumble nervously grabbing for a face mask

What was everyone thinking??

The question plagues my brain

Ah I got one, grabbed the face mask with might and put it on


In a flash I then saw everyone now with a mask on their faces

Every single one is now masked

And some fumbling just as nervously as me earlier

Tugging and pulling out their masks

Putting them one anxiously


And suddenly the picture earlier changed

From the brightly lit scene of the space in an underground train

To now a gray one

What a transformation

The crowd the people have disappeared

The bright faces of old, young, men, women, children on their seats

Now gone from my sight

I could only see blank seats and emptiness staring back at me

All around

What had just happened

I do not know

I cannot figure it out

Was it something I had done?

Was I the one who caused the change in the frames?

Because of what I did?

Grabbing and putting on a mask?

Was it my anxiety? 

My fear?

Wearing that mask instead of embracing the lovely scene

Why was I that conscious?

Why did I not just go along with it?

That world, the world without masks

Everyone was smiling, happy

Without masks on their faces

But I, I pulled out a mask

Put it on and then that world changed

Why, what did I do wrong?

What did I not do?

What could I have done differently?

Is it me?

It must be me...I caused the change

It is all my fault

I willed it away with my actions?

Now I am left here, all alone

So alone in this gray gray world

With no one

No one at all there anymore

No bright light 

No joy

No smiling faces

No warmth

I felt a sense of loss

I missed that scene

I missed them

Though brief though short

I missed them all, people, chatter, laughter, lights...

I have no idea where did all that go

It is my fault

Is there nothing I can do? Anything at all?

Will they ever return?

Will THEY?

Will things change if I wish really hard or just close my eyes?

Should I take my mask off and it will magically change the scene again?

I have no idea, I am at a loss

I don't know what to do and I really wish I knew...

All I know is it was brief

A short moment

A flash

That world without masks

Then I realised

Yeah, I realised it

That world is a dream

That world was a dream

It was just a dream I had

I was in that dream

The dream I had last night

Where the world is without mask

It was all just a dream 

A dream I had last night

Nothing more

And I woke up

Just my thoughts on a dream I had last night, truly it was a dream I just had last night and yes, it was really a dream, I guess....

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