What an AROMA-ntic Weekend

By Christina Kim - February 19, 2016


Basking in the sun or even just finding a perfect spot to watch the lanky coconut trees sway in the wind backed by a bright blue sky complemented by the washed out and changing colors of the sea water; deciding between blue and green is just the right picture in one's mind on a way to spend the afternoon on a weekend getaway.

The whole image which springs up in the mind is just synonymous to relaxation and bliss; not to mention tranquility.
For at least, two days.

Mui Ne is just the place to do that, with its humble coverage of a town lined with resorts offering this very option.

Whether it is for a short trip to this town or just purely to switch off to reconnect with the beauty of nature's offerings, it is one's choice and we chose the latter.

It was a tough choice picking the place to stay, but our choice proved to be a wise one.

From the warm hospitality upon arrival to the attentive and helpful staff, the first impression sets us to relaxation mode immediately.



(Don't worry about dragging your luggages through nature, that's what the buggy ride is for and it will leave you right at your doorstep)

Comfortable room equipped with full amenities and facilities while promising privacy is the perfect setting for a quiet vacation.
It is also apt for a romantic weekend for couples and even those on honeymoon.



It is hard to forget that you are on a beach vacation when you have a bathroom designed with that slightly open concept in the shower where you could hear birds chirping at the break of dawn which were then taken over by the crickets at night above the rustles of the tree leaves while you are drenched by the cool water from the rain shower?
Worry not, for your privacy is still maintained for there is that netting above your head and no one would be able to sneak in a peek at you while you are in shower.

Fruits are placed on a plate decked with knife and fork to welcome you upon arrival, and flat screen televisions are plugged to the wall facing your bed.

Step out onto the private verandah to enjoy nature's air away from the full blast air-conditioning in the room whenever you please and it feels just like one is truly in a land far away from the city.


It is like we have checked into a quiet and home village for a few days; surrounded by the lush bushes and flowering trees amidst hay-stacked roofs and bamboo stilt houses all around.



Perhaps it is unusual to stay in and dine most of the time, for one could be bored of the one and only restaurant in the resort but the food captivated and struck that chord with our tastes that we were just attached to staying in the resort, at least most of the time.


With a view like this and the strong breeze blowing at your cheeks while tucking into the luscious bites from the aromatic food, why would anyone want to dine anywhere else?






It was like the entire town of Mui Ne was encapsulated in the resort's very own land, and I am not even exaggerating.

Fishing boats and fishermen are decked on the sandy beach just a few feet away; right from the resort's pool while the waves from the sea moans for attention in the background.



I could just sit there, watching the scene on repeat; then close my eyes and just listen to the waves roaring.

Think of nothing at all.



It is amazing how sounds of nature could just sets your mind to blank yet in that mode of total peace and tranquility.
Sometimes it even turns out to be inspiring even.
(I feel so inspired to write poems just sitting in a natural surrounding - I just love poems)


They offer spa facilities as well, which I did not get to try but I would say the entire stay experience was more than spa-worthy itself.



It was more than just a romantic getaway but truly, even aromatic to the senses; with the fresh florals in bloom everywhere around the cobble-stoned village environment set in the resort and of course, that air.

That air of bliss from switching on the vacation mode is just aromatherapy enough.

(View of the resort at night)

It must be that very reason they chose the name Aroma for their resort.

I couldn't find a better way to spend my weekend in Mui Ne; and the place just reeks of that aroma.


That aroma of vacation and the beauty of serenity; while capturing the very essence of Mui Ne's identity.

I had to find an excuse to leave the resort.
Make me...I'm still holding onto the many pillars in the lobby...


Featured in this post: 
Aroma Beach Resort and Spa, Mui Ne, Phan Thiet, Vietnam
Street Address: Phú Hài, Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan, Vietnam

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Experiences vary from one individual to another.
You do not have to agree with me.

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