Finding Our Flaws

By Christina Kim - February 02, 2016

It is always easy to identify the flaws in others; or even things around us.

How about ourselves?

Do we look at the mirror and see the flaws staring back at us?
Most of all, do we admit that we have flaws?

It is always easier to see that black spots everywhere except in ourselves.
We like to create that image of perfection, for who doesn’t like the idea of perfection?
Especially when it comes to the judgmental society we live in and standards of perfection are constantly pitched against one another in a competitive style.

It is nice to hop onto blogs to read about another person’s life, and the things happening around them or the thoughts that go through their mind.
Even if you do not know them.
You would probably wished you had that kind of life, where they always seem to be on the brink of perfection and living that envious life filled with everything positive.

But is that really the case?

That, is just part of the picture painted on the blog.
What you do not see are the work that goes into the reviews or the stories which took place, or the hours spent editing the photos, and even the misery and anguish faced when they are abused by haters.
Most of all, you do not see the failures and the flaws behind the scenes.

It is really simple; because no one is perfect.

Everyone has their own problems and flaws.
No one can expect a smooth sailing life without bumping or falling over a stone once in a while, or even having to deal with their own issues.

A doctor could also have to deal with his own incompetency when it comes to self-diagnosis.
A lawyer could also have his tongue-tied moments.
Even a priest would have times when he would lash out in anger.

The hardest thing when it comes to one’s own flaws; is admitting that we have them.

It is true; perhaps it is about the society or that mindset in which we have all grown so accustomed to build that image of perfection.
We are so obsessed with the right that we try to bury the ugly, and what happens is, we never learn to deal with them, because we simply did not even acknowledge they were there.

I am also a flawed person.

I am not going to just post photos of wonderful vacations and food, and share positive thoughts on my blog, to tell you that I am such a perfect person.

Because, honestly, I am not.

I am just like anyone out there; I am equally flawed.


I have times when I could be dealing with issues the wrong way; and react rather than responding, despite understanding that reacting often leads to nothing good and could even end up in catastrophes.
Yet, I still submit to reacting when things go wrong.

I could even say things out of frustration, which could hurt others, only for me to regret and be wrecked with guilt later.
I am also victim to the vicious traps of emotional cycles; often landing myself in situations where I would even ignore the screaming thoughts.

It is always easy to say positive things or to even give advice on how to be a better person, but when it comes to ourselves, even I could succumb to the negative cycles of emotions.

We are all just humans after all, and everything is still part of the learning process.

I am not saying that should be the excuse when it comes to making a mistake, or even letting emotions get into place, but rather, take that part of messing up as part of experience to learn and identify where we went wrong.

Look at ourselves in the mirror, reflect and ponder upon what made us react in that way.
Could it have been prevented?
It is in understanding the reason or the root cause of our way of reacting that could help us to control or respond in a better way the next time.

Most of all, it takes time, but the determination is key.

I have said that I would make a change in myself, to continue my mission to be a better person each year and even by the day.

I still continue to fall to my old ways every now and then, but I am learning.

No one can change everything in a blink of an eye, but the most important is to learn to admit our mistakes and to seek forgiveness from those we hurt.
We must be willing to make the change.
We must make it a point to rid the bad and negative habits for that change to happen.

We can be more forgiving on ourselves, but also be strict on our discipline to make changes happen.

For everything else to change or even for people to change the way they think, that change needs to come from ourselves first.

Understand the issue, and most importantly, look at that mirror and come to terms with our own flaws.
Admit our flaws and make the change.

No one is ever perfect, but no one said perfection is not possible.

We all want the world to be a better place; to be filled with people who would be good to one another.

To make that change, we have to first change.

We have to be that change we want to see in the world.


I'm starting with the man in the mirror
I'm asking him to change his ways
And no message could have been any clearer
If you want to make the world a better place
Take a look at yourself, and then make a change

- Extracted from Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror -

*Author's Note: 
This is not a sponsored/promotional post, and solely based on author's personal opinions and do not represent the general public. 
Experiences vary from one individual to another.
You do not have to agree with me.

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