Take Me to Mui Ne

By Christina Kim - February 03, 2016


The sight of the fleet of fishing boats littering the emerald green water, bobbing lightly in sync with the rhythm of the waves is unmistakably the presentation of the coastal town located on the southern part of Vietnam; heading downward south from Ho Chi Minh City where it is wedged between the city and on the northeast of Phan Thiet, in the Binh Thuan Province.

This resort town is supposedly the lesser known as compared to the far more renowned Danang up north, and is recommended by the local Vietnamese for those seeking a weekend getaway down south; particularly if you are based and looking for an escape route from the chaos of the city of Saigon.

The idea of a quiet getaway in this idyllic fishing turned resort coastal town could probably be true a few years ago, before it flourished into yet another tourist town since more than a decade ago.


The eclipse event in 1995 have attracted scientists from all around the world to flock to this town, along with its magnetizing draw of Russian tourists due to the attractive tour packages organized to this area.
These have led to major development of this town which has witnessed the sprouting of resorts and hotels everywhere in the spike of tourism.


Getting Around Mui Ne
It is not easy to lose your way in Mui Ne, seriously, where there is only one long strip of road; mainly the primary road of Nguyen Dinh Chieu.
Well, technically it sounds like it's simply easy with that one road, though mind you, the road is rather long to begin with as well and spans for approximately 15 kilometers or more.

Taxis or the usual xe om are easily available, though one could also opt to rent motorcycles or even just walk as much as possible; although the latter depends on the location of your selected accommodation.

Motorcycle rentals are not too expensive; starting from 60,000 to 200,000 per day (~MYR11-40 or USD3-10).
It would be easier to ride a motorcycle here compared to the busy Ho Chi Minh City, though cautionary measures are still to be exercised at all times due to the familiarity with the roads and also riding with the locals on the road.


Mui Ne is really a quiet little town, and locals are also found enjoying their weekends here, since it is approximately 216 kilometers away from Ho Chi Minh City, although the bus ride would take 5-6 hours due to the speed limit.

It is all sun, beach and relaxation in this little town as I share my own experience in the upcoming posts.




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