The Year It was in 2014

By Christina Kim - January 01, 2015

Every year on the last day of the year and the eve of a brand new year, I will look at my past year and say the same thing,
"What, it has been a year already? I remembered the previous New Year's eve as though it was just yesterday!
(Yeah, note the word 'previous' used in the context)

The thing is, the year always seems like it just flew past us (like, all the time) and it barely felt like a year has passed. The irony is always back to hit us in the face, and drag us back to the reality ground with the big question mark, "What have I done in this whole year?"

In retrospect one would be recollecting all the events or major accomplishments which could be felt or seen, with that profound impact in that attempt to review the year that has just gone by. It is all about the great achievements, the big things or badges that one would proudly display/pin to the lapels or the chest that say all about their hard work and efforts.

We are mostly scurrying through the memories of all that is clearly visible to the eyes, but what about those that are felt in the heart and that are not visible to everyone in the same way it has affected us?
There are many lightbulb moments we have and also the little tripping stones which we would rather bury at the back of our minds and pretend as though they never took place at all even though, in a way they have made a significant or even slight difference to the way we think and behave after the incident. It is actually these little pebbles which we fell over that should be in our recollection; they are the ones who made up the year and the changes in us as we grow through the experiences.

I can't relate to everything I have been through in the past year of 2014 but the year definitely has more in store for me than what I would have expected.
Change was the constant, and it was truly a year filled with many changes outlining my life journey.
Things took on a different turn and it seems my prayers have been answered; in fact, even more than what I bargained for. Change always comes accompanied with its own sets of tests and challenges; and the biggest being adaptation. It was not entirely that hard and there were just a few setbacks which were quickly smoothened out.
Physical changes were the prominent marks, but there were also many spiritual and healing changes not stark visible to the naked eye which I have embraced and welcomed as part of the new addition to my journey.

Experiences and encounters in this year were anything but fulfilling and enriching, and in the last quarter of the year, a great awakening has come to settle upon me, opening up my eyes to the wide horizon that is out there for me to explore in what could be perhaps, something I would look to explore in my life journey. It could, even, be what I am destined to do, and is in fact, part of my very own journey.
I am thankful for the many things that come my way, the seen and the unseen, for they all hold within them the messages from above that we have and yet to comprehend.
I believe that time will come when we will come to decipher the great messages.

Apart from my personal year journey, the nation has been thrown into the many endurance tests with the forces of nature, and eluded with mystery and anguish for many affected by the tragic happenings.
It has been a year filled with tribulations for the world still struggling to come to terms and comprehend the works of these mysteries.
Time will slowly heal but memories will hold, taking the bits and parts to ponder upon from the past.
We can't say we understand the things others have gone through, but we can offer our prayers and come to share their sentiments, but never can we say we walked in their shoes because it is a totally different experience altogether.
We can pray for strength and God's love to be with them and for them to be comforted by only Him.

The year draws to a sombre end, for the nation with more devastating news leaving little mood for a celebration of extravagance. Times call for prayers and unity in strength as we comfort those who mourn and lost.

It has been a tumultuous year for both the nation and myself, having recovered from a bout of virus (sore throat, cough, flu and fever all in one) since Christmas, yet hope always prevails.
It is in Him we need to continue to believe in and also in the sight of Hope.

Hope always comes to those who believe.
2014 may not be good, but there is never one which is all smooth and perfect.
The trials and tribulations that come our way are only there to make us stronger, and wiser and that we should not give up on hope.

May the new year bring on new hopes, new beginnings and spirits to bring forth more great doings for the better good and for a brighter tomorrow.

Cheers to an awesome year to come, 2015!~

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