The Simple Games We used to Play

By Christina Kim - June 04, 2018


Our childhood games are simple yet bring so much joy and make up for great entertainment in times of leisure. 
From hopping on chalk-drawn floors and sand, to tossing pebbles and rolling marbles, striking off a matching trio of patterns, or even just taking a swing to enjoy the cool air on our faces, there is really nothing complicated about the things we find pleasure in.
There is no need for network connection, nor lively graphics, strong rhythmic bass in the background for the stimulating atmosphere. In fact, we do not even need step-by-step instructions nor pop up screens to direct us to our next interface.
It was almost instinctive, or takes a glance to look at the game and we could almost know how to play it (maybe a few oral words of instruction, but that's it).

How simple life was back then, yet we ended up feeling just as satisfied and never tire of the  same games we play all the time.
Anyone could play with us, anyone could play the games we play, and they can be played anywhere, anytime.
We used to talk how simple things were back when we were children, and how life was carefree, without a thing to worry about then, no stress, no unhappy moments (unless someone broke your toy or stole your candy), just plain "Let's go play", "What are we doing today?", etc.

When we grow up, we complain about how things drive us crazy, stress starts to cloud our minds and hearts, and things have just somehow, gotten a lot more complicated.

Everything is not the same anymore, and it is all attributed to responsibilities, social roles, and our shifting priorities.
Sure, things change as we become adults, there are more things that we own, desire, aspire, plan, pursue and fight for, but do all these just make everything complicated?
Or, did we just make things complex for ourselves?

Of course it sounds absurd to compare a child with a mature adult, it makes one almost Peter-Pan like, but then again, if we do not harbour that same desire within us, why would we constantly yearn for the simplicity during our childhood?
Why would we miss those 'good ol' days' whenever we see something familiar?
Why would we say that our childhood memories are one of our best?
Aren't we doing the same thing?
Aren't we comparing our adult selves to our childhood self?
Do we even realise we are doing that?

It is inevitable to have changing responsibilities, it is about us growing up, growing through life, discovering ourselves, defining who we are or who we want to be, or fitting into our new societal roles.
Concurrently, these also make up the many desires we have in our life.
We start to want better lives, we want improvements, we want to achieve greater heights.
There is absolutely no problem with that at all, but just, when we start to 'want' and say it's for the 'better' future, 'better' life, who are the ones telling us that?
It is us, ourselves.
You and me.

Nobody forced us to want anything.
Nobody told us that we need better lives, that our current lives are not good enough.
Nobody told us we need bigger houses, bigger cars, better household appliances, better apparel, nobody said that we need more things to enjoy our life with.
Nobody, but ourselves.

Did growing up complicate things, or did we complicate things growing up?
We think that growing up is bound to be complex, or rather, we shape it to be more complex.
Then we start to think, when did all that get so complicated?
Childhood was so much simpler, but really, is being an adult really so complex?
Do we ever stop to think, it may not need to be, it could be much simpler?

It is up to us to define, that life we live as adults or to our old dying age, should they be simple or complicated?

Nobody can dictate our lives for us, they can tell you something, but to take their advices or not, it is still ultimately in our own hands.

We make that final call.

Do we want simplicity or complexity?
A game of tic-tac-toe, tipping over the see-saw, or interrelated series of network and multi-level games, it is still our call to make...

A life made simple or quantum physics, is how we make of it.
Choose wisely ~


*Author's Note: 
This is not a sponsored/promotional post, and solely based on author's personal opinions and do not represent the general public. 
Experiences vary from one individual to another.
You do not have to agree with me.

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