By Christina Kim - June 01, 2018


Going to a place away from home can be an exciting and enriching experience, while at the same time, daunting and intimidating.

It is a step outside our comfort zone, moving away from the sense of familiarity in our surroundings and stepping on a land entirely foreign to us.
It requires readjustment as we take in the new environment, taking in the little aspects as our eyes dart around everywhere where we trample upon.
There is that sense of loss, that forlorn look as we adapt 'forcefully' in our subconscious while simultaneously searching (secretly) for anything that may occur identical to that piece of home as we construct ourselves in the foreign settings.
It is perhaps a repression of inner fear or anxiety deep within us, which we replace (un)knowingly with the sense of exhilaration.
It is silenced though faintly fleeting in the mists of excitement.

The anticipation of something new is always exciting and uplifting.
It is in our intrinsic machinery that we desire new things and exploring new territories is even more so fitting into the very notion.
We look at the differences in this new surroundings, we yearn to seek out that difference as we register them as new knowledge.
This piece of information is readily processed as part of the acquisition from our learning experience.
We look forward to more of such differences as we take in every little detail hungrily and the more different they are, the more appealing they appear to be.
We welcome these changes from our familiar territory, we are drawn irresistibly to their exoticism.

Culture, lifestyle, language, mannerisms of the new land fascinate us.
They are similar yet concurrently distinctive from our own and that is thrilling to us.

We are apprehensive yet also enthralled by these prospects, as we embark on our journey.
Yet these journeys are essential in forming our visions, perspectives, and ultimately, shaping the identities of our selves in life.
It is not just a journey to another land, it is a discovery of our 'other' selves we may not be aware of, or perhaps a re-exploring of our former self.

It is a journey within journey, and this journey holds that double meaning in defining who we are.
It is a journey worth taking, a journey that is delights and confuses.

That is what, after all, a journey is truly about, for without its ambiguity, where would there be true discovery?



*Author's Note: 
This is not a sponsored/promotional post, and solely based on author's personal opinions and do not represent the general public. 
Experiences vary from one individual to another.
You do not have to agree with me.

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