Life, as it is

By Christina Kim - January 10, 2018


Another year has gone by, and here we are, at the beginning of the counter again.
A fresh new page of the calendar, a brand new term at school, an all new financial year at work, and a revamped attitude and enthusiasm to make a change for the better.
Last year is history, whatever that has happened, had happened and should be left as it is, in the past.
It is the future we look forward to, and the present that we live in to make that change, to push ourselves and tell ourselves that we can do much better.

It is a familiar scenario, despite everything being a start, or new.
The world does not suddenly transform into a different one with the ticking of the clock towards midnight, where fireworks sparkle and light up the skies amidst excited cries of "Happy New Year" and everyone making their wishes (or kissing that person next to them).
The year did not materialise out of nowhere while the past year disappear from the tear of the last page of the calendar and in its place, the crisp and clean first page of the new calendar.

Everyone knows that, we are all aware of that.
Nothing changes.
Life remains the same, the only thing that changed; the year we are in.
Time had passed us by, the clock is ticking, but everything before us, is the same.

We make New resolutions, we look back at the past, we tear away the old aspirations which we fail to achieve, determined to make a clean start.

That, is Life.
That is how life is.
We do the same thing every single year, even when we know, that it is the exact dimension and the regular cycle we go through.

There are many who have stopped making resolutions, and instead make plans and stick to them.
There are those who compiled their best moments of the previous year, smiling fondly at those beautiful (and even bittersweet) memories, vowing to create a better photo collage this year.

These are all things we do, things we tell ourselves.
The parts and parcels of life.
The hopes, the goals, the will, and the optimism we plant in our hearts when the year counter resets once again.

That is the beauty of Life itself.
It is about the dreams we make, the failures we avoid, the happiness we seek and the successes we desire.
The things which keep us going, which move us forward.
They make up life; the things we do, the things we long for, the things we despise, the people we love, the people we hate, the stories we create and the list goes on.
All these that make up life?

We call them, LIVING.

Life is all about Living.
We live to live, we live to see life goes on.
We know those lists we make, they don't always stick.
We know that despite all good intentions, we will still fall and fall in some way or another.
We know that with all the efforts, there are still relationships which can never be mended.
We know all that, but we still look forward to a great year positively without all the negative possibilities which we know are possible, simply because we want to live.

We want to live our lives, we want to continue living.

That is why resolutions or not, Life is all about living.

We live in the moment, we live for the future, we live for the living.

That is Life.

That itself, is a very happy and fulfilling life.
Live, and keep living ~

A Happy New Year 2018 everyone, to another beautiful year of life and living ~


*Author's Note: 
This is not a sponsored/promotional post, and solely based on author's personal opinions and do not represent the general public. 
Experiences vary from one individual to another.
You do not have to agree with me.

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