Knowledge, Learning and Wisdom

By Christina Kim - January 13, 2018


Confucius, the great sage, philosopher, teacher, founder, and most of all, a learner.
The wise man has been quoted for his sayings and values, which, for centuries, had laid the foundation for the cultivation of minds and morality.
His analects of teaching and his school of Confucianism are deeply rooted in most societies; and will never cease its influences for generations to come.
Confucius's teachings paved a legacy, and the man himself; a legend.

There is no one who does not know Confucius, nor heard of the mention of his name.
His name is almost synonymous with knowledge, and wisdom in many sense.
He is a most respected figure until this very day, and many continue to embrace his values in children's upbringing and establishing family values.
He will continue to be remembered for generations to come too, his name etched in gold on plates, stones, marbles, floors, and most of all in our minds.

Temples and statues are erected in his honour, and it is not uncommon to come across a statue of Confucius especially in schools. 
The great philosopher and teacher, will never cease to be a source of inspiration.


There are many things which Confucius said, that seemed mundane and simply logical that some find it hard to believe that they constitute wisdom.
There are some who even doubt whether they are truly of Confucius's sayings, for they are far from being complex, but instead plain truths we are facing every single day that did not quite seem to insinuate great philosophies.

The truth is, knowledge and wisdom, are never made to be complicated. 
It is we who tend to complicate matters.

Knowledge seeking and learning are not black holes nor the outer parts of universe which are unfathomable and unreachable.
They are as simple as we make them.
The key is the will in us.

Knowledge is never hard, nor is it a mystery.
It is always there, and it is only us who choose to see it or to seek for more.
Knowledge is also not about just seeking and seeing, it is about learning, and learning is not merely a goal to be achieved.
Learning is a continuous process; it is a journey.
A lifelong journey.


That, is perhaps the reason knowledge came to be seen as daunting and complicated.
It is the process, the journey itself which many may shy away from.
We may think that we have gained enough knowledge, and we came to where we are because we have that amount of knowledge.
Of course, many do know and believe that knowledge is never-ending and that there are still much to learn out there, but they think that knowledge will just come naturally.
Sometimes, they may be afraid to even approach knowledge.

Knowledge will never cease to exist, it is true and similarly, one does not end when one has gained knowledge on their end.
Knowledge is not a one way street, or a straight kick into the goal.
It is a journey, or rather, a flowing river.
It will never stop flowing, it will always be there, whether we seek it or not.
Knowledge does come naturally, but it is only when we truly seek that it emerges and is seen.

Knowledge is also nothing when we don't learn.
It is not so much about the seeking of knowledge, but also the process of learning.
That is the process of acquiring and seeking of knowledge that I meant.
The process, or the journey, is all about learning.
We learn the knowledge we acquire and we never stop learning.
We don't stop learning after school, and we never do, even to our last breath.
We are learning every single day, every single moment and with every single breath we take.
It is not daunting at all, unless breathing is complicated, then it is.

We are who we are today, because of the knowledge we have gained and applied through our learning.
Learning and knowledge have become so natural that they just seep into every corner and hole that we no longer realise that they are right there.

Everything that is happening in our lives is what we learnt, and that is knowledge.

Learning does not stop with us, and it will continue as we pass it on.
We teach others what we have learnt, we share that knowledge.
It is only through teaching and sharing that we learn even more.
Knowledge is truly nothing when we do not share and just keep it to ourselves.
It is also part of learning when we share our knowledge, for we learn something new or a little more about that part of what we have learnt and taught each and every single time.

It is just a simple picture; imagine a room enveloped in darkness.
When one candle is lit, we see a tiny spark, but when that candle lights another, we see lights and continuously, if every candle in the room is lit, the entire room is no longer in darkness.
We see a bright room.

That is what we want to see in our societies.
We want brightness to shine in every corner.
Darkness leads us nowhere, it stumps us and stops us from taking another step.
It is only light that guides us and shows us the way.

Knowledge must be practised, for without practice, knowledge is nothing.
It is only when we practise and apply that knowledge, that we gain wisdom.
Wisdom, is truly that prize that we seek.
It is lifelong and it is a treasure that will never leave us.

Lao Tzu calls knowledge a treasure, but it is the practice that is the key to knowledge.

We may also stumble and fall as we learn, but it does not matter, for those falls are also what makes up the learning and the knowledge we gain.

"The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet" - Aristotle


As we learn, we will also find that there is just so much that we do not know.
We know, yet we do not know, and that, while perplexing is just a whole part of learning.

Most importantly, it is the mentality that prepares us for the fulfilling experience of learning.
It is only when we humble ourselves that we can and will receive knowledge.
We must be ready to admit our own ignorance for true knowledge to be acknowledged.
As Socrates says, "True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing".


It is only when we bare ourselves and be ready to accept that we know nothing that we will receive the greater fruits of knowledge.
Knowledge is not all about what we know, but also what we do not know.
It is only when we know what we know and do not know, that we acquire wisdom.

That is what Confucius says too, "To know what we know, and what we do know, that is true wisdom".

So learn, and spread the knowledge.
Learn and teach, light up a candle and many candles at the same time.

A candle truly loses nothing by lighting another... -Father James Keller-



*Location: Confucius Temple in Beijing

*Author's Note: 
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