My Wheel of Life and Happiness

By Christina Kim - August 08, 2017


The world seems so small yet it stretches all the way to the end, without a guiding line to mark its boundaries.
It is an amazing sight and one that leaves one at a loss for words, for there is truly no word to describe that feeling when you get that wide-angled view of the world around you.

I know I definitely loved it and I simply cannot find words to describe that feeling or experience perfectly.

I have always loved the Ferris wheel, be the very sight of the wheel as I stand before it or below it and of course, when I ride on it.

Riding on the Ferris wheel is an euphoric experience; for it moves slowly and the world is viewed at different levels of height.
The best is of course when one reaches the top, and it is that feeling on top of the world.
It is a good thing that the ride pauses at each height interval, and the stationary moment as your carriage reaches the top makes one feel as though time had stopped, just for a moment.
The world felt like it is frozen as well, just for that moment.
That moment where everything comes to a complete halt; nothing is in motion.
Including breathing; I feel like I have even stopped breathing.
Just for that moment.

The feeling when you are right on top, is just indescribable.
It feels like the world is mine, that the world just stopped for me to enjoy that view.
It feels like the world paused for me, for me to just take in everything it had to offer.
It was just that one moment.

It was not the feeling of ruling the world, nor did I feel like I was the master when I was on top, but rather that feeling of looking at everything that was around me.
It is not viewing it from the top; as though is below, but more of Around me.

I could see the metal grid that locked the Ferris wheel beside me as I turned in my seat, and I could see the sky out there.
Everything is not in motion, as though I just hit on that Pause button.

After that moment, I feel a light jolt as the wheel is back in motion and then I move to the next point; lower than before.
I get a different view again; well, it is still close to the earlier view but at a different height and somehow, that gave me a different perspective again.

The cycle goes on; in a circling manner.
It is after all, a gigantic circle anyway.

The world stops when the wheel stops, and the world is in motion when the wheel moves.
For a moment, you are on top, then you are at the bottom, then you are right in the middle.
I feel that slow ascent on one side of the wheel, then the slow descent on the other side.
In all, it feels like a complete cycle of everything and I just get to experience every part and side of it; at differing heights.
Even if it is just during that duration of the ride.

It is like a wheel of life.


There are times when we feel uplifted; right at the peak, that prime in our lives.
Then there are the times when we feel like we sank down right to rock bottom.
There are also times when we feel like we are right in the middle; unable to make a decision, or land in the middle of nowhere.
We are just swinging in the air, unsure of whether to go up or down, or just hanging by a moment.
There are times when we feel like we are unable to connect to those who are too far above, or below, or even to far out to the other side and then we are left wondering when and how we created such a distance.

We can see things from the top; or we think we can see everything when we are right at the top, but then, how would we be able to keep that balance without the strong mechanism gripping us not just from the bottom but secured on both sides as well.

The top may give that spectacular view, but that does not mean the views from the other dimensions and height paled in comparison.

There are different views when it comes to that different points; and the view from the top is just not the same as the view from the bottom, nor left and right, and right in the middle.

It is not just the cross symmetry, but there are times when the lines are just neither straight in vertical nor horizontal, and it could be diagonal.

There is never anything that seems straightforward; and while you may be still hanging in the air, you realize you are neither in the middle, nor at the top or bottom.

That is how life is as well; never clear in definition but depends on the way we view it.
Our lives depend on the way we live, the choices we make, the perspectives we have when we look at the overall picture.

We may all be from the same family, the same womb, the same school, the same office; but sometimes we may never even end up at that same point in our lives.

We may intersect with each other at different points in our lives, we may continue to be connected but we may also move away from each other; distant just like like the arms on the wheel, but yet, we may strangely still be connected in some way or another, though we may not know it.

There are the visible lines, just like the metal arms of the Ferris Wheel, but then there are also the invisible lines we may not be able to see as they span across us, even right before our eyes.

That is how life is, and just like the Ferris Wheel, which gives me the distinctive perspectives from differing angles and height, as I ride on it, or as I stand below it, looking up, as the wheel continues to move, in circular rotation.

It is like a Wheel of Life, but more than that, it is my own Wheel of Happiness, for I always feel happy when I enjoy the ride and the changing views every time I am on the Ferris Wheel; as it moves in circular motion, offering that unique perspective and fresh take on happiness with every single turn.


*Author's Note: 
This is not a sponsored/promotional post, and solely based on author's personal opinions and do not represent the general public. 
Experiences vary from one individual to another.
You do not have to agree with me.

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