Colors of the Night in Hoi An's Ancient City

By Christina Kim - August 09, 2017


One little, two little, three little lanterns.
And the street is lit.

That light in the darkness, but in this case, lights, and they come in varying colors and shapes.



It is no secret and almost everyone is accustomed to the sight of lanterns hanging in the air as seen in the postcards of the streets of Hoi An.
These traditional handmade lanterns which come in an assortment of shapes have become the icons of the ancient city, and are the first impressions that come to mind when the name Hoi An is mentioned.
They have gained attention worldwide and the annual lantern festival in Hoi An would see visitors from all over the world flocking to enjoy and capture the picturesque view of these lanterns hanging in the streets.


Come the hour of dusk and these lanterns light up the entire streets; decorating the night skyline of the enchanting city.

If you think that the former trading city retreats to the silence of the night, think again.

The light of the day highlights the traces of the historic past of the past, casting that light on its heydays found in the buildings, shops, alleys and the local lifestyle.

As the daylight fades into the background, the streets transform into another picture altogether.

It is a different kind of charm.

Soft lights fill the streets; from the classic lamp posts to the modern lights in the restaurants, cafes and bars, it seemed like the day just took on a vampish makeover to mask the dark of the night.


The city is alive; and with the rustling sounds from the crowd and the music from the bars and restaurants playing in the background, it is a lively atmosphere.

Little stalls are set up on the sides of the street; on the stone walkway where the pedlars sit on the edge or on tiny stools as they watch over their boiling pots, fanning the fire or laying out their merchandise on mats made either of plastic or cloth.


The crowd starts to grow and people are spotted everywhere; littering the street, found in the shops, on the sheltered walkway as they take a peek into the restaurants, stopping at the stalls for a refreshing drink or popsicle, or hunched on little stools on the side slurping the last of their soup and noodles in the bowl.


Then there are of course, those who are just taking that leisure stroll, lost in fascination over everything they see or drowned in their own chatter, and perhaps pulling their tracks every now and then to snap a photo of whatever catches their eye.
Like me.

The lanterns are of course, without question, dominant in the background and while they appear plain in the light of day, they now light up in their own glory; casting that soft and assuring glow through that translucent surface of their own bodies.

It is a beautiful sight indeed, for everywhere, there is just that one or two lantern spotted.


I believe there is many more lanterns during the Lantern festival and since I was there during the off peak season, I will have to make do with the random number of lanterns appearing on the street.
(There are still lanterns, though they are not in masses as depicted in most postcards and to be honest, I did spend some time to search for the lanterns pictured here).

It is hard to believe that the town is no longer as busy as it was during its trading days, and anyone who walks on these streets would definitely concur.

It is just buzzing with activities everywhere; and people engaged in their own interests accompanied by the sounds of laughter, chatter, and loud cries from the enthusiastic sellers eager to make that sale.

Even the Japanese bridge was lighted at night; though the color seemed a little ominous, at least to me, with that greenish glow cast directly on the bridge.


The streets of Hoi An are definitely keen to show you they are not a thing in the past and that they are still very much in their forms.

They are glorious in the past, their stories and pride proudly displayed in their well-preserved state, ready to be retold again and again so that they will never be forgotten.
They are still glorious today, in a different way, while maintaining their grace and identity and they are determined to keep that reputation, that buzz from their heydays even into the night.

Hoi An is not just for the day for their vitality shines even when darkness falls.

For even in the dark of the night, there are still the lights; the shades of captivating colors glowing softly ever adamant to shine on to remind you of this beautiful city's existence.

The beautiful city of Hoi An is just gorgeous; day or night.










*Author's Note: 
This is not a sponsored/promotional post, and solely based on author's personal opinions and do not represent the general public. 
Experiences vary from one individual to another.
You do not have to agree with me.

Art Direction and Photography Styling by Me.
Photos/Videos all belong to me and are copyrighted.
Please kindly ask for permission if you need to use any of my images.

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