Life is a Highway

By Christina Kim - October 27, 2014


Life's like a road that you travel on
When there's one day here and the next day gone
Sometimes you bend, sometimes you stand
Sometimes you turn your back to the wind

Lyrics excerpt from Life is a Highway by Rascal Flatts

This is one of my favorite songs and part of the lyrics just give inspiration in defining my very own perspectives on life based on this concept.
It can be truly interesting when life is seen in this way, but truly enlightening at the same time.

Life is in many ways, like a Highway that we drive on
Sometimes we speed and sometimes we slow down
Sometimes we follow that speed limit and sometimes we Don't
We can follow the rules, or we can just bend it (mischievously so)
We can be the cautious driver or the daredevil
We travel long and far, short and near

The road seems long and we do not know what lies ahead
Sometimes the road seems straight and smooth 
Sometimes there are bends and turns, and the road just winds and crooks
We travel high and low, through bumps and flats
We drive from day to night, in that crazy spontaneous unplanned road trip where we follow wherever the road leads
Or We plan ever so meticulously to make sure we get there on time

Sometimes we can see the way the road goes
Sometimes we just can't see the end
When we are in a happy mood everything seems exciting and we await the end anxiously
When we are in a hurry, we can't wait for the journey to just end
We smile at the beautiful scenery of green trees, mountains and the blue sea
We frown at the broken roads and the road diversions
We stare and wonder at the roads not taken, even when it's not in the direction we are heading
We may seem so sure of our destination, and sometimes we may get lost
We turn to maps and gadgets to guide our ways, but sometimes we may only need to listen to our hearts

The weather may be kind to us; sun and moon shining brightly to guide us along the way
Accompanied by the little universe of twinkling stars just like guardians watching from above
But dark clouds may tend to come looming too, hovering the bright and beautiful day
Followed by heavy torrents of rain blurring our vision
Feelings of worry, fear and anxiety storm the heart as we maneuver carefully through the slippery roads
There is no way to stop in the middle of the highway
Visibility is low, and uncertainties are there
Are we too close to another vehicle, and could there be collision?
What if I drive into the water puddles, and will my car lose control?
Yet, we brave ourselves and take the risks
There is no turning back and we take that step
Praying silently that we will be safe and sound
And reach with blessing to where we are bound

There are times when we see other cars breaking down on the road
Or accidents ahead of us, with the unfortunate drivers frowning
Some may be cursing and swearing at their misfortune
And there may be casualties and injuries
Often we drive past, slow down and take a look
Then we drive off, back on track as if nothing ever happened and it is somebody's business
Did we wonder that it could have been us?
Did we stop with that thought that we could possibly help?
Did the thought of empathy, sympathy and even pity crossed our minds?
Or do we look at the scene like it's out of a movie?
Do we even have it in our hearts to reach out and lend them that helping hand?
What if, that had been us?

We race against time, and with the other drivers beside us
We overtake others and feel victorious
We feel competitive and the need to prove ourselves when we are being overtaken
We step on the accelerator more often than we brake
We make emergency brakes and to a screeching halt
But what if we can't stop in time?
What if we can't stop from hitting innocent others?
What if our momentary mistakes change our lives and others?
We can't undo the mistakes we make, and it is important we choose carefully
Especially when it involve others and our own, and the lives of our loved ones

There are those who chose to be reckless
Driving in drunken state, slurring their judgment
Knowing that it is not right but they chose to indulge in their pleasure from the intoxication
It could go smoothly without incident if they are lucky
But the risks are high and someone, or some innocent happy family could get hurt
There could be cries of misery and regret when the unthinkable happens
And nothing could ever erase that 

Life is truly a Highway
We can choose to go fast
We can choose to go slow
We can choose to rush through the journey
Or savor every part of the trip
We can choose to make our decisions 
Or sometimes just let the road lead us to nowhere
We can plan our journey
Or we can just be spontaneous
Who is there to stop us anyway?
We come to crossroads and we pick the road we want
It all boils down to our choices
Make that choice and don't ever look back

Enjoy the Ride people, for this is a One-Way Journey
We can't make that many U-Turns as we wish
Be adventurous
Be daring
Be aware of others on the road
Have a Heart
Have a dream
Dream that Dream
Follow that Heart
Most of All, Be Yourself and take charge of the steering wheel

You can be the front passenger, giving the directions
Or the Back passenger enjoying the ride
But someday, you may take the wheel
Enjoy the different roles you play
But take charge and Drive Safe

Life is Always on the Move
The Journey Doesn't Stop for Anyone
Make your choices and Live with a Purpose

Are you Ready?
Let's Get Started, and Drive SAFE folks!

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