If I were a Superhero, what would my Superpower be?

By Christina Kim - June 14, 2014

I am not a fan of superhero movies; sorry, no, not Superman, Spiderman, or whatever; I am just not into those fictional characters made up to represent the alter ego.
I am not against them either, as psychologically, they are representations of the inner wants of ourselves and that imaginary world we yearn to be in, empowered with the capabilities that we desired and having that ability to do things we dreamt of accomplishing in the real world.
Apart from that, I am just not that into the notions of the movies nor would I scream helplessly at these comic characters idolized by many around the world.

That being said, as mentioned, from the psychological point of view, I can see the reasoning behind the conception of such characters as they are made to represent that wonderful imaginary world where everything becomes possible.

The key word here is Possibility.

Everything becomes naturally achievable; nothing is too hard - we can see endless opportunities and the positive ways we can accomplish those things we see and want in life. In the imaginary world.
It is something many can relate to; and who can blame us?

In reality, life is often encumbered with the hordes of daily struggles and difficulties where sometimes it just makes us feel like pulling our hair out. There are the times when we feel helpless, against our will, when there is simply no light to where the solution might be.
It is not a very encouraging situation for one to envision, and many may choose to simply ignore or run away from it; deluded with their own clouds of denial.
Therefore, it is in those times where we conjure images of what-ifs, and a world where we make the rules and we can be seen as the solver of problems.
It should be practiced with caution though, as excessive imagination and desire of and for power could lead to being authoritative and as some say, 'power-crazed' individuals.

The imaginary world of possibilities pictured and dreamt by most of us are the driving factors to those behind the creative world of art, literature and media where characters are then created to represent that inner alter ego many longed to have in themselves. From being able to fly, to climbing flawlessly (and borderlessly), or having that inhuman super strength to be able to lift anything out of the way, there are just so many powers these creative folks injected into their made-up characters.
From imaginary to sci-fi and to the fantasy world, these are just to fulfill that inner satisfaction in most of us ordinary humans.

Of course we have all dreamt of having that superpower;  and I am sure some of you have even put on your towel (substituting as a cape) and stood at the edge of the table trying to fly like Superman, or some may even practise kicking in the air, hoping to be able to belt out magically swift kicks of a ninja and there are even those who dwell in the art of magic, hoping to be able to cast spells and making things happen to their way (this is definitely not encouraged, at all).
Therefore, it goes without question that everyone has definitely imagined of being a superhero, or even dreamt of possessing a superpower which belonged to ourselves.

We may have dreamt of being able to fly, or elevate oneself, or even to command objects to fly to our side with a lift of a finger, or to be able to freeze time (like Piper Halliwell in Charmed), or to be invisible to people anytime, among many others; which is probably out of this world but yet we like to think of them as possible just to soothe that ego and deeply kept desire of a superpower.
How about we move beyond the impossible (or seemed impossible) and return to our realistic world?

Imagine ourselves now, in our world, and you have a superpower, what would THAT be?
I know, yeah right, if we are back in reality, what superpower could we possibly have?
Like hello, back to reality and start being realistic.

Yes, it IS Possible. We can still have a superpower that we can choose that may seem really ordinary in our daily lives but practise it with your own strength and mind power to make it truly a superpower.
I have always believed that each and every one of us is blessed with a gift; and we all have our own unique individual talent that is nestled deep within us. Some of us may know, and some of us have yet to discover it; or probably in denial due to various reasons. We have it; there is at least one thing which we are all good at and we need to look deep within our souls, to find that Gift.
For instance, there are some who are just so good at helping others, that they are just gifted with the savior spirit. It is just natural in them, reaching out without a word of complaint; not because they are born saintly, but simply because they want to, and they enjoy doing so.
There are also some who are born to teach, and they are just amazingly good in guiding people and teaching anyone in almost anything.
How about those who are born to inspire, to lead, to make everything orderly, to sell, to influence, and many more?
See the light now?

It does not need to be super, over the top capability, but just something as simple as an everyday thing that we tend to overlook most of the time.
Are you good at organizing events and daily schedules? That could be your gift.
Are you good at talking to people and just making them feel at ease to share information with you? That could be your gift.
Are you good at just simply listening to problems and own that strong shoulder for another to lean on, without having to say a single word? That could be your gift.
Are you good at making a good cup of coffee, where no one else could compete and everyone loved to have you make their coffee because you are just so good? That could be your gift.
Are you good at coaxing people, calming hysterical ones and just soothing everyone in a messy situation? That could be your gift.

So you see, there must be one thing that you are just good at.
It does not need to be a task, or something major (what defines major anyway), but it is just simply something you are good at, you enjoy and that people simply know you for.
Now, once you have found your gift, try imagining it as a superpower.

It can be known as a superpower if we were to take charge of it and make use of the gift, or that something we enjoy to make that difference to the world and in ours.
It could be something as simple as a smile, and we just need to smile to make everyone around us happy every single day, or it could be a gesture of courtesy, by waving your hand and practicing thank-yous and pleases everyone you go to influence the society and make that difference - it is just as simple as that.

A Superpower depends on our very own perception, and the things that we could really do for ourselves and those around us. We could be our very own superheroes, in flesh and blood, instead of donning on some ridiculous outfits and just be ourselves; we can still make that difference.
We already have that power, we just need to concentrate and make it into a superpower; super in its context of being able to plant that difference in the world and to all around us.
The power is in our very own hands, and we choose what to do with that power.

Like many others, I have also often envisioned myself having that miraculous superpower and at one point, I even wondered if I could blink my eye and get things done (like Sabrina the Teenage Witch or Samantha in Bewitched), and even freeze things (like Piper Halliwell in Charmed).
It is normal to long for superpowers that do not belong to us, or that we wished existed, as I have mentioned above.
However, I now want to use what I really have, what I have been given or is already in me, to channel it into a superpower.

If I am a Superhero in my day, I think I would say my Superpower would definitely be Enthusiasm/Positive Thinking.
I love to see the bright side of things (though I do slip to the dark side sometimes, I am still human); but I love to see the possibilities that lie in everything I do, or come across. I like to project things as good; believing in the good that still exists in today's chaotic and often delusional world.
I do not believe in bringing negative energy around; and I always encourage people around me to believe that miracles can indeed happen.
I am not delusional; I am realistic, but I just learn that being positive or optimistic is not as easy as it sounds, having fall prey myself several times to the negative side too.
I do not like to hear of negative results, or the part where something cannot be done before the end of the task, and would rather focus on the remaining time to achieve that.
It is just my personal perception; which I channel to my own life and those I deal with everyday, even at work.

I like to cheer people up; reminding them of the many happy wonders around us which go unnoticed amidst our hectic lifestyles. I love sharing uplifting quotations or words of wisdom, and I enjoy making people laugh over goofy jokes.
Even in my world of blogging and writing, as can be seen in my posts, I like to portray and highlight the positive side of everything rather than focusing on the downside.
It is a way of thinking which slowly become that way of life.
The road is never always smooth; and there are times when I stumble upon the rocks and barriers on my own journey. I have encountered many negative folks; misers, complainants; well, just plain pessimists who are just the total opposite. They seem determined to make the worst out of everything; be it a small post or even about the people around them.
I have met bashers of my posts; people who just post hate comments on some of the reviews, simply for the sake of it (only they know their own reasons).
However, are they truly people we drive or run away from?
It really depends, or why not, share that positive energy with them and lighten that effect. It will not take shape immediately, but at least we have tried and someday, hopefully they will see the light.

We are living in a world where bad news are surpassing the good news; as we open up our daily newspapers and tuning into those television/radio news where awful and unimaginable destruction is happening everywhere. It sets the world to be such a scary place to live in, and everyone starts to live in fear and uncertainties; surrounded by doubts and insecure about their very own surroundings.
We do not need more of these negativity to live in our very souls, and we need to learn to smile a little more, laugh a little more and just see the world simply the way it would appear under a lightbulb.

We may not be able to change the past; but we can affect the present, which will lead to an improved future. We could look at things positively; learn to take things happily as they go by and make that choice of happiness everywhere we go.
Bad experience at a restaurant? Okay, at least I have tried and I have seen how it is like; maybe they might be having a bad day?
We cannot judge everyone, since we do have our bad days too.
Having a bad day at work where everything just went wrong, no matter what we do?
I must be overloaded and I am not seeing things well, this may not be my day. I will just have to take it slower, and be more careful.

We are not able to predict the future, and we definitely cannot see what is coming, but we can decide on our responses and our own behavior towards an incident/event.
We can control our own feelings, we can make ourselves happy, we can just choose to smile and laugh, or dance that little silly dance when no one is watching.

I love to make people around me laugh; or even smile, it just makes me laugh and giggle in fits too as we share the laughter and sometimes, if you caught me laughing insanely at no one or nothing in particular, with a phone in my hand, oh, that's just me in my normal days, and no, I do not need a psychiatrist or medical attention.

Am I a Superhero?
Well, I am working on spreading that enthusiasm and positive energy around, and it is a power that I can live with at the moment, making myself happy in the process.
If I had made you laugh, then I have probably done a little to make my point.
If I had made you think about your very own qualities, then I am glad that my writing did have that tiny effect in you.

We are all superheroes in our own way, and we have our superpowers.

So what is yours?

P.S: Don't Forget to SMILE and see that Today is indeed a Beautiful Day!

Yours always,
The annoyingly over-Enthusiastic Superhero-ine (with a capital E in Enthusiasm)

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