The Year that Came

By Christina Kim - December 31, 2019

I have not been posting much this year, and that itself is an understatement, and again, in a blink of an eye, the year just passes us by and before I know it, it is already the end of the year. Literally, the last day of the year and I just feel compelled to at least key in one last entry on my sentiments as I bid goodbye to the year.

2019, like many other years before came and now is about to leave us behind as it will now bow out and make way for its successor, 2020, an up and coming year that we are all waiting in anticipation and excitement with all that hopeful wishes and secret dreams to finally roll into reality. It is just a customary tradition that is on roll and just keeps repeating itself every single year. Time never seems to catch up and somehow, nothing ever seems to be fully resolved nor completely achieved by the end of the year from the beginning of the year when those hopes and dreams are made. It has become such a norm that probably most are aware of that fact yet overlooks it at the same time. That is why it seems okay to just let it go and then carry those dreams forward to be realised in the following year to come, and there is nothing wrong about it. What truly matters is the essence of this whole resolution concept and the journey to realising it, and that itself lies in each and every individual and their perspectives or take on it. Nobody can make up something another wants nor achieve it for them, so there is no one else but ourselves who are fully and truly responsible for all that hopes and dreams we have and make at the beginning of the year and how we intend to achieve it that we can look back at them at this time of the year and feel satisfied that we have indeed done something to and actually achieve those goals.

A new year will come whether we are ready for it or not, as always and 2019 is just like that (2020 will be too). At the beginning of the year, we are always full of hope and in anticipation of what the year would hold for us though really, it is all in our own hands. The year is a year we make and a good or bad year depends on our every decision. Of course there will be unexpected things once in a while but our way of handling and our way of looking at things make a whole lot of a difference and I am sure we all slowly learn to see it in our own ways and along the way. As a little girl, I was always excited for the New Year, because it always seems so exciting, or perhaps we have been caught up with that same trend or line of thought that a new year is supposed to be filled with those exact sentiments. As I grow older, there were years when I just felt like the new year is nothing special, perhaps due to the fact that I have grown too accustomed to it, having celebrated so many new years along the way (that explains why children just love festive occasions and are excited because they have had only like a few repetitions, and wait till you're almost a hundred, that will be hundred times of new year or any festival. Then again, you could just have that same excitement and perspective on them and that's perfectly okay too). After that period of getting used to, I then sprung back to being all excited and motivated for a brand new year.
The thing is, perspective just takes on a refresh every single time and that change remains the only constant. Perspective changes for each individual and also among individuals. There is no two people who could share the exact same thought at the same time. We are all unique in that sense.

Looking back at a year ago, when 2019 was rolling into action, it came into the picture and seem to quickly take over, racing past us as we race against time to do as much as we can to make the most of the year. I took a leap of faith the year before as I went back to my studies and took on a different field of knowledge and that year (2018) flew by so fast that without myself realising it, I was standing with my mortar on my head and the scroll of achievement in my hand bidding goodbye to my year of learning with my knowledge corner finding a new tenant with the baggage of extra wisdom along with additional and elevated serotonin and dopamine levels. That sense of satisfaction, achievement, gratitude and happiness simply cannot be described which made the year that went so worthy and memorable as I reaped its sweet fruit in 2019. The year then presented many more miracles, some of my own making, and also that of others which have filled my life with much content and joy that I could not have been more thankful. At the same time, I have also make up part of the year with my own endeavours and pursued new interests which left me in awe of the many things that I have never looked at in that same perspective before. Never would I have imagined I would even take them on back in the past as they did not seem to be something I would be remotely interested in let alone partake in and yet in this year, I found a new love in them and have now indulged in them. Life does indeed works in mysterious ways.

There are just so many things I could list here, since I have not posted in almost an entire year but that would take an extremely long post to talk about them all and that is simply not the objective of this post. It is simply to present a simple flashback and a moment of reflection on the year that came and is about to leave. It is another year which is filled with bittersweet moments, as always, and I have no grudges on anything that happened because I believe that every little thing, no matter how tiny it was, and whether I knew it or not, happens for a reason. I may not understand that reason now (or ever) but I know it will come into place naturally. In fact, more than anything, I am just thankful for everything that took place and that I have experienced as they just make up part of my personal life journey and shaped my lifelong learning. I am truly amazed at each and every miracle that happened, and yes, good or bad, I view them as miracles.

2019 came and is about to go, and 2020 is coming to us.

Is it going to be the same as always?
Is it going to be like 2019, with its ups and downs?
Is it going to be any different this time around?
Of course, it is all going to tick the same boxes, because there is no change that 2019 is going to leave and 2020 is coming and the change of the calendar is just the same as every single year. It is also going to be full of ups and downs and I am not jinxing it for anyone for it is a matter of fact and it is definitely going to be different this time round. It is in fact, different every single year even if it is not going to turn out exactly the way we want it to be, but does that stop the year from coming to us?
Does that change the fact that 2019 will be gone and 2020 is coming?
No, the change will be a constant, and while we are filled with hope for the coming of a new year, we should also be ready to embrace challenges that come our way with welcoming hands.
The change should be in the way we look at them, after all, good and bad lies only in one's own definition.

Here's to the year that came, 2019 and to the year to come, 2020, may this new year continue to present us with surprises and enrich us yet again.

Happy New Year everyone!

*Author's Note: 
This is not a sponsored/promotional post, and solely based on author's personal opinions and do not represent the general public. 
Experiences vary from one individual to another.
You do not have to agree with me.

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