Procrastination: The Truth about the Time-Thief

By Christina Kim - August 03, 2018


If you put off everything till you're sure of it, you'll never get anything done
- Norman Vincent Peale -

Procrastination is a silent thief, it creeps in quietly, unsuspectingly and robs you of every dignity of time till when you finally realise, the damage is truly unrecoverable.
Lost opportunities, lost beliefs, loss of confidence and most of all, the lost of valuable time.
They can never be regained, no matter how hard we try, and while we yearn for the time lost, we are greeted with the unwanted presence of dread, guilt and worst of all, regret.
The feelings of loss and emptiness cannot simply be described by words and it will enlarge that void deep inside, known only to you and you alone.
Yes, you, the procrastinator, the one who started it all.
The one who truly deserved it.
There is no one else to blame, only yourself.

It is the truth and you know it.

"I will do it tomorrow"
"I still have time"
"It can wait..."
"I can get it done in no time, so there is no need to rush into it..."

These are all familiar words we say to ourselves when we procrastinate, putting things off and thinking we can get away with it.
We think that by putting it off to the next day, we will get around to it.
We are confident that tomorrow, we will definitely get to it, only to find that tomorrow moves on to the next day.
Well, guess what, the next day becomes a week, then a month, and by the time we realise it, we are approaching the deadline, the end, and then we start wondering what have we been doing with all that time that went "missing".
We think that miracles happen, and that magically, things will just unravel or get completed when we put things off.
Sadly, that is just delusional on our part.

They are all lies, and though we beat ourselves over it, we know it is true and that we have all caused that disaster to befall upon us.
Dread filled in that void, we are driven to a complete blank and then go into a frenzy, rushing like a mad person to get things done and then finding it almost impossible to get everything done before the deadline.
That is why the time was given to us in the first place, but we never appreciate it, just like everything else in our lives.
We take everything for granted, including time, thinking that we are always in control.
We can manage, we can handle, we are the ultimate masters of our own universe.
And honey, it is time to wake up.

We are all guilty of falling prey to procrastination, no matter how disciplined we may be.
Nobody is spared, but the thing is, procrastination is not a predator which comes out of nowhere.
It is not a hidden enemy waiting to trap us, because, it never exist in the first place.

WE created it.
We allowed it to manifest itself, to come into our lives, to wreck ourselves.
We invited procrastination, even giving it a name and lifespan to its credit.
We are the creator of this deadly disease, and then we detest it, and wonder why it came to us to ruin our lives and steal our time.
It would not have come into existence had we not say, "Wait, I will do this later..."

It is the hard truth we all have to face, we let that time go away.
We willed time to just pass, and we gave procrastination the name just so we could pin our blame upon that culprit.
But really, the real culprit is really US.

Look in the mirror the next time you say, "It can wait..." for you are creating that thief of time again, the thief which will grow into a robber and leave you in despair.

The thief we all know as "Procrastination".
It is definitely deadlier than any other disease in this world.

Don't let it win, take control and do not ever let it come into our lives.

There is never tomorrow to complete, only today.
Remember that.

Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.
- Pablo Picasso -


*Author's Note: 
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Experiences vary from one individual to another.
You do not have to agree with me.

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