Basking in the Journey across Districts on the Mid-Levels

By Christina Kim - July 25, 2017


When it comes to getting from one point to another, we are often focused on the start point and of course, the end point; the destination.
It is just the way it is, the norm for everyone.

We start with that point where we will take our first step, and aim for the final point, which is always the ultimate goal; the objective of the mission.
Once that is established, then we connect the dots and plan out the way to get there.

That is the journey; the middle, the in-between, the midpoint which connects both the start and the end.

It always gets us to where we want to go, where we are headed to.

Sometimes, we may be too focused on the start and end point that we may have overlooked the entire journey altogether.
We may not even notice nor pay attention to the whole getting there process; that middle part, the intersection which brings us from one point to the other and yet, that is actually just as important as the start and the goal, if not more important.

Worse still, sometimes we may not even remember or realize the journeying part and before we know it, we have already arrived.
We don't even know what we have seen, heard, smelt or tasted along the way, and all we do is indulge in the victory or sentiment upon reaching the intended point.

It is the same everywhere; even in cities where connectivity is vital in creating that access for everyone to be able to get from one place to another.

Skyscrapers, buildings, malls, institutions, centers are all clustered together and from an eye's view, they are easily accessible.
How great that would be if it was truly that easy to reach everywhere as pictured, though the grand design of keeping all the hotspots within a cluster is exactly to achieve that objective.

However, there are still areas which are inaccessible despite the building being in near vicinity in view.
Ultimately, daily commuters like you and me, want that to be realized for life would definitely be so much easier.

It may be really easier said and even done, for it is the case as proven by the connecting network established in the busiest districts in the heart of Hong Kong city.

Hong Kong is no stranger to modernization and connectivity when it comes to accessibility within its well-populated city.
In fact, most of the visitors to this city would also only sing praises for the convenience of access when getting around the city and I echo that; it is truly one of the most convenient and connected city that I personally favor.

From the interconnected daily commuting trains to their buses, local taxis and vans, to their ferries, there is nothing that is overly complicated for anyone to go around the city.

Hongkies spend most of their time traveling and on public transportations, no less, though there is no worry when it comes to getting around.


All you need is a prepaid commuting card (Octopus), a book/mobile device or anything to keep you company and of course, a pair of good and comfortable walking shoes and you are all set to go.

Yes, lots of walking is required in this bustling city, and while the island is relatively small on the map, it still encompasses a rather large region; with activities buzzing everywhere in each of the district.

The Mid-level escalators in the Central district is one of the most ingenious idea ever thought to connect the points mainly within the lively Central district and most of the Western District; which are the busiest areas anyway, on the island.


It is intended as a solution to the issue of the increasing traffic and congestion on the roads; creating a well-connected passageway through the Mid-levels and Central.

The brainchild of the civil engineers from P&T Architects and Engineers Ltd was considered be out-of-the-box as it addresses the traffic issues along with the topography of the island where hilly terrains, sloping lands created an uneven surface of landscape, making it difficult to plan for transportation access through these points.


These escalators which connects the checkpoints through Central district, are raised over 135 meters (443ft) above ground level and spans for more than 800 meters (2,600ft) in its total.

Launched since 1993, the Mid-Levels Escalator, as it is known, also holds the world's record as being the longest outdoor covered escalator system.

While the escalator system sparked off controversy regarding its purpose which was considered to have failed the intended objective and also the high cost involved in the construction which exceeded the original budget, the Mid-Levels escalator was still relatively popular and well-received among the daily commuters.
On top of that, the interconnectivity between the streets and various districts had also given way to more business opportunities and created a passage for more SoHo (above the road level) and NoHo (below the road level) to come into the commercial picture.
It indeed was a commercial gateway, for both the pedestrians and also the potential commercial merchants.


I love how well-planned and connected this system is; and like most of the transportation system in the city, it is indeed convenient and easily accessible.

There are various intersecting points where one can exit from the long escalators at the major junctions to reach the popular districts.


The covered escalator also offered appropriate shelter from both the sun and the rain while emitting the sunlight through to keep the passageway well-lit.

The escalator system of course, eased off the distance covered on foot, without much strenuous activity.

What I like the most is how the escalators also offered that window; a glimpse into the buzz as one 'travels' by foot (technically) along the way, moving slowly at a comfortable pace.

It is truly that part where one truly is, for once, focused and breathes while on the journey, or mid-journey instead of just focusing on the start and the end.

It is truly a partaking in the journey, and enjoying the journey along the way; or rather, seeing the journey for what and how it is while getting from one point to another.

That is what we always missed when we only look at where we are and our destination; where we need to get to.

The journey along the way, and this is just that.

Hong Kong truly never disappoints when it comes to accessibility.

Hop on, the Mid-Levels escalator and when you do, this is when you can say, enjoy the journey and take in the view along the journey.

That is what a journey is truly about, and not to be missed easily in weight as compared to the beginning and the goal.

After all, without the journey, there is no longer meaning to the end goal nor the start, is there?







*Author's Note: 
This is not a sponsored/promotional post, and solely based on author's personal opinions and do not represent the general public. 
Experiences vary from one individual to another.
You do not have to agree with me.

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