Visiting Linh Ung Pagoda in Danang

By Christina Kim - June 21, 2017


Linh Ung Pagoda is a spectacular Buddhist temple in Danang; known for the grandeur of the scale of its design and magnificent architectures littered all over the temple.

It is not Danang's secret, rather, the pride of the coastal city since it was established back in 2010.
The locals would recommend it to the visitors upon their arrival in the city.
At least, that was the first place sung by the cab driver/guided driver who picked us up at the airport.

He kept telling us that we must not leave Danang without visiting Linh Ung Pagoda, and of course, Marble Mountains.

Linh Ung Pagoda is also unquestionably part of the Marble Mountains; though it is a fairly new addition to the landmarks in the city.

Though the religious site is relatively young in age; seven years since its completion in 2010, it has a history, or rather, a story which dates back to the last two centuries, in the 19th century.

Stories from the locals say that those living on the peninsula spotted a statue of Buddha floating and heading downstream to the beach area.
It goes without saying the discovery was considered auspicious to the locals; and they believed that it was a propitious occurrence and traced the entire direction in which the statue flowed and named the whole embankment "Bai But", which literally means Buddha's sanctuary on Earth.

In honor of the promising discovery, the elated locals decided to build a place of worship on that very spot; a pagoda.

Linh Ung Pagoda today, stands on the very spot.

Therefore, technically, Linh Ung Pagoda is not such an infant either; considering its early beginnings which dates back to almost two centuries ago.
The architectural design and the commissioned construction of the grounds today is that of recent years.

The grounds of the temple are considerably huge, and there are many spots to visit.

The architecture of the temple itself is already an interesting mention; when one walks into the temple grounds from the main entrance gate, a magnificent structural saga boasting of ornate stone carvings on its whitewashed three-entrance gate, ushering visitors to the temple in its commanding presence.

Potted bonsai plants dot the main landing of the temple flanked by the legendary 18  Arhats (well-known in Buddhism) ; though the ones here are stone statues.


The temple grounds are vast and visitors are found everywhere, busy taking pictures, admiring the place, or earnestly in their prayers and even resting under the shady trees for a break away from the scorching sun and the exhaustion from exploring the temple.

From the main worship chamber to the ancestral hall, the distinctive and unique architectural design is definitely eye-catching.



A mix of modern and ancient architecture, the temple captures the harmonious blend of both styles found in the conventional and majority of Vietnamese temples.


Buddhist statues and grottoes lie everywhere, along with lotus ponds filled with blooming lotus flowers; one that is symbolic of Buddhism.





There are many stories and myths surrounding the statues on the grounds, and it is said that if you may, you can even chat up a monk who would gladly share a few stories of his own too regarding the establishment or the temple itself.



The highlight of the temple and one of its newest addition (though construction works are still ongoing), is the unmissable gigantic statue of the Goddess of Mercy (also known as Kuan Yin/Lady Buddha/Lady Boddhisattava) towering over the panoramic view of the coastal city of Danang.


It is the iconic statue that one can spot far away when driving along the coastal road.

I have always enjoyed visiting religious places, without discrimination though I am of different faith for there is always that unique beauty of the design, and the tranquility along with the stories they hold which fascinate me.

Linh Ung Pagoda, is the largest temple in Danang, and is definitely worth a visit and I am glad I did myself too.


Danang may be known for its beaches, but far beyond its sandy beaches is the beauty of the devoted hearts of its local population found eminently in its temples and places of worships dotting the landmarks in the city.


That itself, is the main attraction of the city.

A city which may not be enormous, but holds the magnanimity of devotion and faith which goes beyond any spectacular structures.

May they be blessed.



Information on Linh Ong Pagoda:
Address: Hoang Sa, Tho Quang, Son Tra, Danang, Vietnam

Admission fees: Free 

Open All Day

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