Make a Wish

By Christina Kim - May 18, 2017


If you get to make a wish, what would you wish for?

If you are told that you could make three wishes, just like they do in the fairy tales, what would you wish for?

Making a wish and hoping that wish comes true, is something everyone wants.
Every single one of us wishes for something, or many, many things.
We all wished for things to come our way, for things which we want, and dreams that we pursue.

We all hope to get to make our wishes and then wish that those wishes would come true.
We can always wish for that, can't we?

Yet at the same time, we do know that we can't always have what wish for, for various reasons which we may or may not understand.

Then there is also that part where we know that we also have to be careful for what we wish for, for we may not know what the consequences are.

They may be just sayings, but they became words which we have grown accustomed to though it is not necessary for us to just abide by them.

It is evident from the fact that we never followed those words anyway, since we just continue to wish for things all the time.

We make wishes; we wish that we could make a wish anytime and anywhere.
We even wish to be able to make a wish(or more) and have them come true all the time, and that is itself, also a wish.

That is why we continue to look forward to blowing the candles on our birthday cake; to make that wish.

We look forward to shooting stars to make a wish.
We wait for those once-in-a-million years phenomenal occurrences, to make a wish.
(Yes, many people I know do that, let's not be judgmental about that).

We flip a coin into fountains and make a wish.
We throw coins into wells and make a wish.

If we are told that there is something we could wish upon; like say, a wishing tree or a well, we would readily wish upon it.

That will and desire to wish is just so strong that it is simply irresistible.

Wishing is not just a mere fantasy, it has become so natural that it is simply just innate.

A wish is a representation.
It is a metaphor, it is a symbol, for what a wish is really about, it is simply one word.


We are all living in HOPE every single day.

Hope is what keeps us going.

Hope is what makes our will, our determination, our resilience and generally, who we are.

Hope makes us look forward to each and every single day, to live better than yesterday; to be a better person than our former selves.

Hope is magical.

Hope can cure many ailments, and you will be surprised at how Hope can make and break a person.

There is nothing like Hope.

We Hope to achieve, we Hope to improve, we Hope to succeed, we Hope to be Happy.

Most of All, we HOPE to Live and love.

A Wish is simply that epitome of Hope.

And that, is just beautiful.

To have, to live and constantly be surrounded by Hope.

Everyone has their own wishes they make and hope to fulfill.
It could consist of their own dreams, their aspirations, or even desires they could not tell others.

A wish is what we want.
What WE Hope to achieve or fulfill.
It comes from the Heart.

No one can tell us what to wish for.

I can't predict nor know what others wish for, and neither can you.

What I can tell you is, never continue to make wishes.

Never worry about wishing for something.
Don't worry about what others tell you.
Don't think about how others will judge you, even if someone tells you it is dumb or illogical to wish upon a wishing tree or a shooting star.

Wish upon a star, a rock, or the skies if you want to.
There is nothing stupid about making a wish.

A wish is something that comes from our heart.
Our innermost desires.

It is our inner voice.

No one can hear it except ourselves.
No one can tell us it is wrong.
No one can say for sure if it will be or ever be fulfilled.

A Wish is what we truly hope for.

Even if there is no promise that our wish will come true, we still can't help but wish, can we?

It doesn't hurt to just wish for something, does it?

It is neither childish, for who says only children have dreams or wishes to make?

Don't you, wish for something too?

Go ahead, make that wish.
Wish, all the time.
Just like they say, dream a little dream; it is just the same.

Wish a little wish.

After all, a dream is a wish your heart makes.

Without that, what is there to look forward to, if we don't even get to wish and have that little hope?

So continue with your wishful thinking and never stop making wishes.

I wish for....oh, it's a secret, but I wish for my wishes to come true and of course, for everyone's too.

Wish, wish and wish, upon a star or anything at all.

Who knows if it will come true, then again, who ever said it will not?

That's another wish too right?

Let's keep wishing and live in our wishful thinking....

May we all have what we wish for~ 


*Author's Note: 
This is not a sponsored/promotional post, and solely based on author's personal opinions and do not represent the general public. 
Experiences vary from one individual to another.
You do not have to agree with me.

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