Ain't No Mountain High Enough

By Christina Kim - April 07, 2017


I stand in awe 
Of them mountains high
Their majestic heights I saw
Beyond them yonder lie
I step back as one who's flawed
As I let out a great deep sigh
(My short poem, title: Mountains High -Author: Christina Kim)

The feeling we get as we stand before the mountains; the mountains that just tower over us as they stand tall and unwavering even as the wind blows.
That minute feeling; of feeling just so little in comparison to that giant in front of us.

What makes a mountain so huge and high up there?
Is it the ground?
Is it the soil?
Is it the natural height of the mountain?
What is a mountain anyway?

Scientifically, mountains are naturally formed through the tectonic forces or even volcanism and they rise to the height, marking their peak as they stretch through the surrounding land to form their landform within a specific area (source: Wikipedia) .

There is no specific term to really define a mountain, for they are all so different besides the fact of their gigantic form made through the natural process.
There are no two mountains which are exactly the same either.

I love mountains, among many other things (I love the sea too, the skies, the rainbow, well, the list goes on).
I love looking at the mountains and just revel in their massive form.
There are many who love to make it to the peak of the mountains and stand right on top, looking down on the vast lands below.
They like that feeling of being on top of the world.
They hike and climb all the way up, making their way through the many obstacles along the way, just to make it to the top.

It is not just about that feeling; but the sense of achievement.
The taste of success.
After the hard work of making it all the way up there.

There are many who even challenge the impossible; to create history and prove that they can by taking on the highest peaks which could pose the most obstacles and spawn the highest risks as well.
The danger to oneself; even to death.

Yet it is does not deter them from attempting or even making sure that they would brave and overcome them to make it to the top of the mountain; bracing themselves to fight against the freezing climate and deathly circumstances that could await them.
They had no idea what they are in for, but that is not a problem.

I think many could relate; that feeling of being on top of the mountain, standing right there, proud and tall, taking in the breathtaking view and the cold air, freezing themselves to death.
It is sweet victory; having accomplished something which seemed impossible but made possible with their own sweat and tears.
It is all worth it.

They may make it alone, or the whole group (who attempted the climb) would make it together. Often, there are those who gave up halfway through.
Some may even take on the climb on their own; attempting their solo take on success.

Once you reach the top, how many do you see standing beside you?
Is it a crowd?
Is a few people?
Or are you the only one there?

After making it to the top of one mountain, that sense of victory grew and then one would start to attempt another mountain.
Another climb of success to make it to another peak; possibly another higher one.
This would continue until they make it to the highest mountain, and then nothing seems unconquerable anymore.
Everything is possible.

What is the feeling then?
Full of accomplishment, and satisfaction that would finally fill their hearts to content and they stop at where they are?
Or would they start feeling empty that there is no other peak to look forward to anymore?

Then there are also those who love standing at the feet of the mountain and stare up, or perhaps stand at distance to gaze at the majestic mountains.
They enjoy that view of the mountains; rather than from the mountains themselves.

There are also some who would want to attempt to climb a mountain, but half-heartedly so.
They harbor many fears yet put on a brave front.
They are afraid to lose out in the crowd, or even to be dismissed as cowardly.
They do not want to feel left out; like they are outcasts.

They are not interested in conquering the top of the mountain, they just do not want to left all alone at the bottom or forgotten.

There are those who view the top as success and want to climb badly, but yet start bearing fears as they stood before the mountain.
They see the rocks, the sharp edges, the steep climb and the dangerous slopes.
They do not think it is possible as they take a step back.
It is too difficult.
They fear getting hurt, they fear losing their lives.

They even think it is not worth it, for once you make it to the top, you would probably be half-dead or even freeze to death in that extreme climate.
They think, they may not even make it back down alive.
So, they give up.

In many ways, mountains are like metaphors, or that depiction of our lives and mainly, our ambitions, the way I look at it.


We start with great ambitions; we think of so much more things we want to and believe we can accomplish.
We are confident, then we start making plans on to making the ambitions realities.

We learn about the challenges and the obstacles we may face, and we understand ways or even devise ways on how to overcome them to make it to our goals.

We fall and stumble, but we get up and continue on our way again.

We calculate risks, we make our decisions to take the step forward or back, to protect ourselves against risks which could be more than what we could take.

Sometimes we know of the failures that are bound to happen, yet we decide to plow it through.
We failed and we tell ourselves, we know now, what failure is like.
We continue.

We accomplish our little goals, just like we make it to the top of the little mountains when we start hiking.
Then we aim for more.

We want more than just little successes.

We start taking on bigger goals, and our sense of navigation become better, while taking on more challenges.
As our sense of victory grew, so did our ambitions and greed.

We want more, and more, even when we have reached the top.

Sometimes we want every top, not just to be conquered, but to be marked as our victories and our own.

We look for higher peaks; for more successes, we think that there are more out there.
We think we are already on top, then along comes another which is far superior than us.

It is like it is never ending.

We may feel angered, or even more fueled up to take on the next peak which was higher than where we originally stand.
Sometimes it could even mean knocking someone off that peak.

Perhaps mountains seem to represent the ambition, but sometimes ambitions are also making up that greed along the way.


There is nothing that could satisfy the human soul.

When we have more, we want more.
When we have something, we want everything.

There is never a mountain high enough to contain all that greed.
There is no mountain high enough to Satisfy all that greed.

We forgot about the time we are at the bottom.
We were there once too.
We forgot about the climb up, and how we worked and how we were not alone either.

Look at the mountains, are they bare?
Could they stand without the land below?
Do they look good without those trees which filled their mane?

There is everything that makes a mountain; not just the peak.

The top is not always the most important, though it may seem so.
The top will cease to exist had it not been for the bottom, or even the tiny rocks along the way, or the spring which runs through.

There is no mountain that is high enough; there will always be another which will be higher.

Stop reveling in that pride that you are the best, instead be humbled and be reminded of your own past.
Take it as a motivation looking at the other higher top, while learning lessons on how to make it to the next top.

Put away the greed, and strive on making your own top, rather than trying to conquer another top, or even seizing the higher top from the other.
Stop coveting things that don't belong to you, rather believe in your capabilities and successes which you already own.
Use those as the threshold to make it to the next peak; your own peak.
Create that on your own, instead on trampling or taking away from others.

There ain't no mountain high enough, ever, for either your ambitions or greed, so put away the greed and focus on the ambitions.

Learn to be satisfied, learn from others and be humble all at the same time.

There is always a mountain higher than another, even when it is the highest peak.
Some are not discovered, yet.
But that is not a source of demotivation, rather to push one forward to fulfill and attain more than just that moment of standing on top.

Most of all, it should not all about a sense of victory, but rather that heart which is filled with contentment and happiness about making that climb or having surpassed one's own expectations.

The feeling of good should come from doing good, and making it meaningful so that life is worth living.

Sometimes the climb could be more important than the top, in filling the heart with lessons of hardship and gratitude.

When you come to that, maybe the top may not be important anymore.

There are just so many ways to look at a mountain; from the top, from a distance, from the bottom, or even, from the side.


How a mountain appears to be, it is all in our own eyes.

Fill our own mountains with joy and meaning, and there ain't no mountain high or huge enough to contain that.
There ain't no mountain high enough to contain all that greed, pride, envy, and anger either, so why harbor that?

Which do you pick?

That one mountain that ain't high enough?


*Author's Note: 
This is not a sponsored/promotional post, and solely based on author's personal opinions and do not represent the general public. 
Experiences vary from one individual to another.
You do not have to agree with me.

Art Direction and Photography Styling by Me.
Photos/Videos all belong to me and are copyrighted.
Please kindly ask for permission if you need to use any of my images.

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