My First Bake Project: Lava Molten Chocolate Cake

By Christina Kim - September 22, 2014

Well, that was really close to the reality, but Of course I had help!

I am not a cooking nor baking kind of person, and if you have been following my blogs (especially my food blog), you would have known that for a fact; based on the restaurant and mummy's home cooked food posts that I do, and with no mention of my own attempt at whipping up a full meal (maybe drinks or salads?)

This was one of the activities on the itinerary during my mini honeymoon back then in Pangkor Laut Resort(read about it here).

It was one of the memorable experiences I had, especially for one who is definitely not gifted in the kitchen nor particularly familiar with the works in the cooking department, or baking.


It sounded and looked really simple; with a recipe cheat sheet provided and two extra hands from the experienced and hospitable home chefs; Chef Fatimah and her helper.


The first thing one's got to do is to put on the apron and learn to wear it right; for the hygiene purpose in the kitchen


The instructions then came from the friendly Chef Fatimah who explained that it was really easy to bake this cake; also known as a lovers' dessert, due to the sweet tastes and the exotic texture of the cake which just makes it the perfect choice for couples on honeymoon.
That made perfect sense, and sounds easy.

P1150927_Fotor   P1150931_Fotor

I am shown the way and it looks interesting.
So, WOW, that's how it was done?
(I have been so ignorant all this while)


My Turn to put the theory into action; stirring at the right intervals and with soft and slow stirring motion to melt the chocolate mixture


Getting the tools ready for a little art decor in the making for that artistic touch to the chocolate cake being baked in the process.

Baking in process

Decorated our plates while waiting for the chocolate cakes to be ready...



We had help in ensuring the cake falls perfectly into place!




The End results...
Our Lovely Couple Mission accomplished!

Of course, it would not have been that easily accomplished without the Two GREAT help we had.
Indirectly, it is not really a Bake project that I should be proud of as I certainly am not without help, nor did I do everything from scratch.

Thanks to the wonderful chefs and their guidances, I had desserts I could safely bite into! :-)


I am so not a Chocolate person, for those who know me, and I don't know why, but I just do not really like it (yes, extremely weird for a lady, and trust me, I have heard all about it!)

However, for this time, I made an exception, after all, I did have a share in making and baking this, didn't I? Also, it is after all my first official bake project, so it is definitely a major exception!


And HEY, I baked this, I have officially done some baking! :-)
Cheers to that!


Read the original post from my honeymoon diary here :-)

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