By Christina Kim - April 24, 2014

A BIG HELLO to all of you!

This is FINALLY, the news that most have been waiting for, where I have finally, yes, emphasized on the Finally, moved on to my own domain and have gone dot com.

I can't believe that I have been blogging for almost a decade now, and I am planning something for that 10th year anniversary which is coming up soon.
I will not be revealing the secret yet, but stay tune for more updates on the plan for the Anniversary *winks*

So, what's New and UP with the

Well, it will be my main website and domain moving forward and it will be the primary portal for all my blogs consolidation.

Question: Does it mean that the other blogs will be removed and that there will only be from now on?
Answer: Not exactly, I will not be removing my other blogs, or at least not at the point of this.
I have spent a lot of time and effort to build all my blogs; and they have since matured and grown from their earlier days especially my two personal favorites; Food Diary of a Pickyeater, which happened to be one of my earliest blogs and the revolutionized Christy's Traveblogue.
At this point of time, I would still continue to blog on both; with respects to the Food and the Travel portion although I will be dedicating a section on my website to both of these blogs for my readers to stay updated on the new posts.

Of course, if you are following me on my Facebook Page, Google+ and all my social media accounts, you will find these questions will be answered as they are already the portal to consolidate all the existing updates from all the blogs, giving you the luxury to skim through the headlines and decide on which post appeal to you most.
I appreciate all the support from all the readers who have been diligently following me for the past few years, and I know some of you have been there since I first started out.

I have been a seasonal blogger at times, but this will be improved (yes, I promise). is not just another portal for consolidation, in fact, this will be my general and Main website which will also be focusing more on publicity and marketing of my blogs, and also sharing on general issues which were not specifically categorized in my other blogs.
I have been thinking of my own domain for sometime, and it did not help with the number of blogs I have, LOL, which was also the main reason leading to the NEED for a specific and single domain for my over enthusiasm in maintaining so many blogs.

It has not been easy, but it has been an enriching journey as I have gone through the ups and downs along the way of my blogging years; and the worst being the malicious attack which almost wiped out my blogs for more than year.
It has been disheartening, but I got back and I am determined to make the most out of my new project, while continuing on my passion which kept me going for so many years.

I am no celebrity blogger, and I am just an enthusiastic writer who just loves to read, write, and travel. Do not be fooled by my food diary that I am a food writer either, I am just one who enjoys certain food (hence picky eater) and I enjoy snapping photos and writing about the stories I hear while dining.

There will be more to come in, with the fresh face of my website, and do be patient as I work hard towards a seamless transition and in making this a success.

Thank you for all the support, and I welcome you (if you are new) to!~

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